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This subject is most important to me ; in fact am a
student of nutrition & all healthy habits. image In my universe you are rich if you have this 3 things ; 1
fresh air 2 hard water 3 silence. Would you believe
Your IQ depends on the quality of the air you breathe;
for example this kid was having a hard time with a
simple arithmetic problem, I asked him ; where you
come from pal ; he said SW Jersey I understood inmeadiatly ; of course the industrial pollution of that area is well known by everyone in the U S . I was very
sad & of course volunteered to help him out ; he had
to pass the test ; he did !
Water divine water I am like a fish love to spend my
days in the stream ; the Greeks were right spend 3
minutes in the tub & you feel like a new man ; pure
magic. My enchanted island Puerto Rico is very rich
in sweet water ; one of my rituals is taking a barefooted walk to the spring 500 hundred meters
away to pick up 5 gallons of H2O , man exercise &
the greenery around makes me feel like a millionaire!
You are mucho welcome to this Caribbean paradise . image
Silence oh precious silence , usually I walk to my
Favorite spot in the woods ; do a few deep breathing
Exercises & if lucky will experience absolute silence
yes it only happens once in a while. Now if you are
looking for the exctacy moment try the scents of
of the Ilan Ilan tree in its first flowering cycle, some
people travel to Southern France for the Lavender
perfume ; why not try it once ! image
How many people experience transcendental moments I often wonder ; from experience I only
Know of three such events . QBs=s or quantum biology scent=sound in fact that’s the music I play.
Everyone can have the scent experience ; but you
Must find the correct variety of tree ,sound does take a lot
more work but is incredible; it will change your life
for shure good luck & have some fun !

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I really liked your writing, I feel identified with the trees. Ilan Ilan is a very aromatic tree, its smell really drunk