Beauty Products, a closer look... Do woman even know why they wear lipsticks ?

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What i was supposed to get as a platonic peg turn to be a kiss and the feeling kept me in awe for a while. She may be enjoyed the moment while it lasted but the ripple effect of such lustre friction and my concern for reaction she may not have thought of inspired this post

women really don’t know the reason behind doing so,its just that they find it attractive due to variety of colours and vibrant look. They feel that it adds a colour to their daily weary look of suits but some only try to copy others without thinking that what colour and texture will really suit them. Divija Gupta

We live in a century where everyone seem to be beauty conscious and would do just anything to maintain a certain status. Most women for instance apply lipstick to enhance their appearance which of course seems like cool thing to do but if they knew the chemical component of such pigment relative to health i guess they would adjust its usage or better still find an alternative.

The little research i did traced the usage of lipsticks (cosmetics in general) to the high female figures in the then Egypt. The then Queen of Egypt, Cleapatra was considered a cosmetic enthusiast. It is said that women then used crushed berries for a lip tint and soot for the eyes as kohl. However it seems the practise is different now especially as regards not just the excessive, additive of the product but a thing of concern as per the constituent with health implications in view.

What is lipstick ?

Lipstick is a corrective item containing shades, oils, waxes, and emollients that apply shading, surface, and assurance to the lips.
Numerous hues and sorts of lipstick exist. Likewise with most different kinds of cosmetics, lipstick is normally, however not solely, worn by ladies. A few lipsticks are additionally lip analgesics, to include shading and hydration1

Our so called lipsticks pigment when applied stay for long time during because of the kind of preservative constituted. Some times our ladies even go to bed with them, a practice which is not safe for health.

We thus need to be aware of the kind of lipstick or cosmetics to use and make conscious effort to find the safest ones possible.

From research lipsticks are know to have allergic effect and irritation to the lips and the surrounding skin as well. It would as well interest you to know that heavy metal poisoning are present in minute quantities in our lipsticks. The chiefly constitute toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and antimony. Many of them even contain formaldehyde as preservative, a compound that is very carcinogenic.
The purpose of applying the lipstick was or is i suppose beautification but it is sad that this pigment steals the natural lustre and beauty of your lips and cause harm in the long run of not immediately.

It seems to be very funny that do women really know why they wear lipstics? Well It depends person to person . Some women want to wear to look beautiful and other one use it because they feel happy with it .
There is No criteria that why women wear lipsticks , every one want to look good not only women but also men. Actually lipsticks give them attention , and one of the most important thing it moisturise and nourishes the lips . It make them more attractive and pretty . Bhavya

Toxic chemical presence
Lipstick pigments are common source of harsh chemicals that irritate the skin of our beautiful women and any other that uses them. It leads to melanocyte destruction thus causing a condition known as leucoderma.


Other Dangerous Ingredients That Can Be Found in Some Lip-gloss and Lipstick Are

  • Lead
  • Phthalates
  • Petrochemicals
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Aluminium
  • Mangenese

These compounds and many more that i may not have included on the list have adverse effect on human health ranging from

  • hormone disruption,
  • irritation of the skin,
  • tumor of the stomach
  • kidney damage and more.

It has eaten so deep in the fabric of our skin and we need to wake up and do something about it at least for the sake of our loved ones.

In 2012, the FDA developed a new method of testing for lead and ran it on 400 lipstick and other lip product samples from different brands. All of them contained lead, from a minuscule amount less than 0.026 parts per million (ppm) to 7.19 ppm. Until then, the FDA did not have any restrictions on the amount of lead in cosmetic products that can be considered safe for human intake. The FDA has now issued a draft guidance to cosmetic lip products and externally applied cosmetic manufacturers to limit the amount of lead to 10 ppm, an amount that it considers nonhazardous.ref

Apart from other studies have also identified the presence of other toxic heavy elements in the lipstick compound. Others than it leaching through the skin of our lips they may be accidentally ingested which is not safe for health.
Thus the usage of these products beyond the permissible limit can lead to health issues.


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An awesome piece!! Health is really wealth. But this toxic chemicals in lipstick could actually be replaced with nontoxic ones. Innovation only!!