Supplementary requirements for women!!!!



There are various types of problems in the body due to various types of vitamins, probiotics and minerals. Some food products require more for women. There may be some disadvantages of heart disease, infertility, strokes, such as big problems. Therefore, according to the doctor's advice, necessary supplement-

Probiotic :
Probiotics are basically good bacteria, which fight against harmful bacteria. Harmful bacteria are responsible for East Infection and Cold Problems. Many women suffer from chronic stomach problems and early infections in excessive bacterial infections. As a result, taking probiotics is very important for them.

Calcium - Magnesium :
Calcium strengthens bone and teeth and keeps it well. Magnesium, on the other hand, increases immune system resistance, maintains blood sugar levels, maintains muscle and nerve functioning, and keeps blood pressure normal. Due to lack of magnesium, women suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and migraine problems. Those who work physically, they should take supplementary magnesium. Moreover, since the age of 20, the bone has started to decay. Therefore, calcium supplements should also be taken. Calcium helps reduce pre-menstrual syndrome.

Vitamin B :
Vitamin B helps in transforming food into energy. Vitamin B helps in improving metabolism, healthy hair, eyes and attention. Vitamin B can be caused by anemia, muscular pain, hunger pains, stomach pain etc.

Fish oil is very important to increase memory . It reduces inflammation and helps to reduce hypertension. Omega-6 prevents bone loss. Fish oil reduces the risk of arthritis, cancer, obesity, heart disease etc.

Vitamin C :
Vitamin C increases the immunity, helps in making collagen and normal growth of muscles, keeps the skin well. Protects against harmful effects of free radicals. Lack of vitamin C can cause hair and skin to be rough and can not prevent body infections.

Vitamin D :
Vitamin D helps in cancer prevention and strengthen muscles. Due to the absence of mood, diabetes, infertility etc. may arise. Vitamin D helps lower body fat

Vitamin A :
An antioxidant keeps the eye healthy and protects the body from harmful effects of free radicals. It also helps the metabolism process work properly.

Iodine :
iodine helps to form thyroid hormones. Many women suffer from thyroid problems due to lack of iodine. Besides, due to heart disease, obesity, lack of attention, etc., the correct amount of iodine will not be accepted.

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