16 Diets Which Can Help You In Weight Loss

3년 전

Here are some awesome diets which you can add in your daily diet to shed some weight:

  1. WHOLE EGGS - Eggs are highly rich in protein. Protein helps in shedding weight. Eggs has low amount of calories and also it makes you feel full. Eating more eggs will help in reducing intake of carbs and increase intake of protein.

  2. LEAFY GREENS - You can easily add some leafy green vegetables in your diet. These can be kale, spinach, collards etc.

  3. LEAN BEEF - One of the best source of high quality protein. It is also used by bodybuilders to gain some muscles. Also, beef can also make you feel full.


  1. SOUPS - Soup is easy to make and is healthy for your body. It will also help in cleansing your body from inside.

  2. NUTS - They are high in fats but they are healthy fats. They can be consumed as snacks and consists of nutrients like proteins and fibers.

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I think one of the most important thing we need is "Dedication".

Food does reduce weight but there are more things to do, because all food is then converted to glucose which is sugar. Exercise is the vital key...

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I am not agree with whole egg idea.

@technews666 do these also work in summer season because eggs and nuts are too hot producing diet

Yep. Thanks, resteemed.


Thank you for resteeming the post dear.

Yeah but what about egg's yolk . I am not a dietitian but as far as i know egg's yolk contains fat and cholesterol.


Thats exactly I'm saying.


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Good Article i will do this ASAP


Yes, and make sure to control your intake of fast foods as well.


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Decent list. I have been full keto combined with intermittent fasting for 6 months and have achieved incredible results. Would highly recommend that anyone looking to loose weight look into both.

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thanks for share the information,This diet will be helpful for me.

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I think you are a very health conscious person!!

It is vary nice ida i need to know abut food wich we can eat during studing.acualy my proubom is when i will starting study wthen some time i was involvd in sleeping so that plz advise me whtch food is bater for study

Wow!! good diet plans step by step.
can you suggest some tips of diet in gaining the muscles.

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Thanks for such good suggestions.