Best way to stop laziness and procrastination – the step-by-step guide

4년 전

   Hello Stemians! Today I want to show you a method that can destroy procrastinating so well that will make you so productive that you’ll finish off that checklist you’ve been putting off and you’ll reach your goals a lot faster.

   Imagine how it would be to have all the things you have been postponing until now done and a lot of spare time at your disposal.

   I have been using this method for months now and I can tell you that I managed to complete projects I planned for since 2016. This post and this account on Steemit are 2 of them.

   Now let’s get to it!

   By focusing only on one thing and not overthinking, you can actually get things done. Overthinking is when you can’t see the forest because of the trees.

I will guide you step-by-step through the method:

1.    Plan ahead – stop anxiety in it’s tracks

   First, you have to do some time management: break down the task/project you want to accomplish into small pieces. This will help you to be calm by making sure you are not looking at the whole project as a huge thing to do and it will stop paralysis by analysis - Overthinking is when your mind wanders and focuses on so many details of the activity.

  However, don't spend too much time in the planning phase- plan as much as you need to get you going.    By planning excessively you waste precious time.

2. Breathe your way out of productivity


   Breathing better is a good way to boost your productivity.

Imagine having the power to control your focus at will. Well, you actually have this power: the way you breathe controls the hormones you release into your body and how you distribute your attention.

   Before starting to think that the task will take too long or that you can't do it and so on, just start to breathe slower (raise your HRV- heart rate variability) through the nose (breathing through the mouth gets you in stress mode) and count in your mind as you go-  The purpose is to stop your mind from panicking.

   Focusing on your breathe is meditation- it will enable you to put your attention on the task you want to achieve.


3.Just Do It

   Now it's time to get to action: After 1 or 2 minutes of slow breathing and start with the smallest step possible- it's enough to get going. For example, when writing this article, I opened a blank document, even if I did not know exactly what I am about to write: this forces you to write something, and little by little you'll start seeing progress and get more productive.

   Bonus tip!!!!: do a few pushups or pullups for some instant energy.

   Whenever you can't focus on the task at hand, just apply doing this method- in time, it will become a habit for you to be 100% focused and remember to not push yourself too hard, be your own friend and gather small victories to fuel your long-term success.

I am very curious, have you used any other methods in your life combat procrastination? Comment below!!!

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