Truther Talk Ep 96: Inside Measles Gate!

3년 전

In this podcast episode we go over the details that lead to the now infamous SB277 in California that would remove all exemptions for vaccines other than medical. The law would later be amended to exempt homeschool families and now in the wake of the Turpin 13 case the freedom to educate our children is being challenged.

Read more about AB 2756 here:

and here:

Listen to Truther Talk Episode 96: Inside Measles Gate! here:

"In Truther Talk Episode 96: Inside Measles Gate! April and Virstyne talk about how the so-called “measles out-break” in Disneyland early this year has led to some of the greatest vaccine and anti-vaxxer propaganda the world has ever seen.
More than ever we are seeing multiple vaccine mandates across the country and in particular the California SB277 which will remove all health freedom to children attending public or private school. Where do we go from here and how to fight back are discussed.
Audio from Dr. Wakefield Full Conference – Ignite the Truth by Moms in Charge can be found at: "

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