Quality of melon!!

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Mangoes are healthy fruits. Sourav has a tasty banquet. Many qualities of bangali Raw mangoes are cooked as vegetables and can be eaten. Mangoes have protein, fatty acids and mineral salt. Blindness can eliminate urination or hunger.

The other name of bangi is: kharoor, kurkur, futi or bani. In most areas of the country the melons of summer are born. This is the most common carbohydrates after melon.

It is believed that the birth of Bangchi was born in Iran or Afghanistan. The fruit is also cultivated in America and Australia.

Bangagacha look like a gourd, a lot like a ginger, Raw fruit color greenish Raw mangoes are cooked as vegetables and can be eaten. When the fruit gets frozen, it is yellowish. The ripe fruit has a sweet sauce. It's a distinct taste. Fruit weight can range from one to four kg.

There are mainly two species of melons seen in the country - Belle and Clay melons. Sandy bangles are soft. The peas are very thin, and the balu sand needs to eat peas. Not so sweet. On the other hand, cloves are rich in tamarind, slightly stiff and relatively sweet.

Amirul Alam Khan mentions in the book 'Fruit of Bengal', that every 100 grams of melas found in 25 calories are nutritious. Mangoes have herbal qualities.

Diabetic patients do not suffer from playing melons. It's beneficial and healthy food. Children, young people or old people can eat melons.Logopit_1522790068598.jpg

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Linseed is a nutritious meal. But I do not like to know why.

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