some habit that damages your kidneys

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Kidney is an important part of our body. Kidney work is done to remove body wastes through urination in urine process. Millions of people around the world have died due to kidney problems. Kidneys are seriously damaged due to some habit of everyday life. For example,

  1. Regardless of the harm in health, many of us have the habit of drinking alcohol. Drink alcohol is the most harmful for kidneys. If you drink additional alcohol, the kidney efficiency is gradually lost. Besides, it is also responsible for serious diseases such as liver cirrhosis. Stay away from drinking excess alcohol for this reason.

  2. Water is very important for kidney protection. But many people do not drink enough water. There is pressure on the kidneys. It does not work right then. It is important to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water on an adult day.

  3. Many people have a habit of eating raw salt with food. It causes severe damage to the kidneys. Kidney can not extract this extra sodium from the body. As a result, excess sodium stays in the kidneys. Then the kidneys are damaged.

  4. Many people get painkiller pain medicines after having a little pain. It is harmful for kidneys. Kidney cells are severely damaged due to excessive use of these type of painkillers. Therefore, it is not okay to take frequent painkillers without consulting the doctor.

  5. Many do not like to eat vegetables and vegetables. Fish do not like it. They have lots of addiction to the flesh. Vegetable and this type of habit is harmful for the kidneys. Because fish and vegetables are very important for kidney protection. Eating extra meat reduces kidney function.

  6. Many people kept abstaining from urine for many reasons. If the bladder is full for a long time, there are many problems in the body. Such behavior causes severe damage to the kidneys.

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