"The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety". I Require You To Respond To the Points Made Here Before I Will Listen To You Tell Me I am 'Unscientific' About The Dangers of Vaccination.


Thanks to @crescendoofpeace for pointing me to this relatively recent video from the creator of the 'Vaxxed' documentary - speaking on the subject of the terrible state of vaccine 'science' in our world and particularly in America. If you think you are certain about the 'safety and effectivness' of vaccines and that any dissenting voices are simply ignorant - I literally require you to speak to the points raised in this video before I will engage with you as so many waste my time on this topic thinking they know it all already.

To be clear, I am pro science - I hold a Batchelor of Science Degree and have even, for a while, worked for a pharmaceutical corporation (when young and before I understood what these corporations are really doing). Being 'pro science' means also being absolutely open minded and unbiased, which in turn means THINKING FOR YOURSELF and not just blindly repeating what you are told to say/think.

As an engineer, I know for 100% certain that if I don't ask every question that can be asked then there is a good chance that what I make will fail. When it comes to health, we have some seriously poor 'engineering' taking place that a lot of people are getting very rich from, while many people die and suffer as a result. You can tell when lies surround a topic because people will step out of the shadows when you speak about the topic and claim you are wrong/insane/paranoid/unscientific etc. - without ever daring to actually address the topics involved themselves. They will often make blanket statements to deny the evidence they are presented with and then claim that you simply aren't qualified to know, think or comment about the subject - despite never providing their own credentials or using their alleged knowledge to accurately rebut the evidence provided that goes against their position. Nothing about this approach is scientific and yet these ones will claim that they are 'the voice of reason and science' - while in truth their position is often lazy or even worse.

You might think I am ranting here, but having studied this topic remotely for years and having seen my comments removed from major science forums and the threads locked when it was apparent that the scientific studies and official data I shared did indeed invalidate the lies and vaccine dogma being passed off as 'science' around the world AND having literally received two direct death threats in response to me sharing this information.. As you can imagine, I have a lot to say and feel on the topic.

In any case, there is a chance that if you are reading this it is because you have followed a link that I have given you so that you can come here and read my words and watch the following video, so that we can be on a similar page when it comes to vaccines. I have literally spent weeks of my life discussing vaccines online with MANY people of various levels of education, qualification and understanding... And in all of that it has rarely been the case that any pro vaccine people had anything new to say to me and it has been even rarer that any of them went anywhere near the real issues presented by those in the anti-vaccine group who have done due diligence research. So I am asking you to take the time to watch this video and ask yourself if you can sensibly answer the points raised in this video, before you attempt to tell me that what you have seen me say on this topic 'is just wrong'.

Del Bigtree, Creator of Vaxxed

Del Bigtree

The speaker here began looking into the subject of vaccine safety shortly after I did many years ago - I recall at that time that I had amassed considerable evidence of the kinds of crimes against humanity perpetuated by 'medicine' relating to vaccines that he is raising here and I was glad to learn that someone in his position - an experienced and hardened research journalist - was so passionately covering and exposing it all too.

He went on to make the documentary 'Vaxxed' which covered the scientific fraud at the US CDC in relation to their research into vaccine connections to autism. He points out in this talk that regardless of the actual quality of the study that was 'doctored' to hide the results and regardless of what the result should have been - it WAS proven that those involved at the CDC DID commit scientific fraud and tried to skew and hide the results when they thought that their results showed vaccines could cause autism.

The list of points made by Del here is extensive and he speaks well. Besides the often cited fact that vaccines are NOT safety tested and the logic used to justify this is obviously unscientific and totally bogus - he highlights many documents and quotes from the US government's own agents that state clearly that vaccines are often known to cause serious diseases and in most cases when serious academic research has been done to look for evidence of safety or harm as a result of certain vaccines, the necessary studies have literally never been done! So we are giving large numbers of vaccines to children in a completely untested way and wondering why the number of autoimmune diseases, autism cases, ADHD cases and many other illnesses are sky rocketing! While the CDC website states that vaccines are safe and effecitve and 'do not cause autism', the government agents involved are publicly stating that the science doesn't really show that!

On top of all of this, Del lays out the absolute denial at the core of the 'science' teams and infrastructure charged with protecting the public. There is no real way that their systems could ever protect anything except the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, who currently can produce vaccines all day long without needing proper safety trials and without any fear of being sued due to unprecedented legal protection and their own special and totally secret 'vaccine courts' - that despite being totally in opposition to real justice have still paid out billions in compensation to families of injured and dead people where it was proven that vaccines were the cause of the harm.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I just did a post on this too... Promoting Vaxxed TV on YouTube. It's all real stories from real parents... If people would just listen to those parents; they have a message for all of us..

Bastards guilted us into a hepatititis vaccine for our newborn 5 years ago.. I remember asking why would a newborn need a vaccine for hepatitis?
They like to respond by saying if it was their child they wouldn't hesitate..
Then they said she had the Jaundice, we just wanted to take her home...
Never again since then.. Doctors are Big Pharma whores..
Thanks for keeping the message fresh...


Thanks for the videos. Part of why I don't have children yet is the nightmare of idiocy that passes for healthcare in our 'modern' world and all the guilting and denial that surrounds it. I have a video somewhere of a nurse openly stating that the only reason they give vaccines to new babies (with undeveloped immune systems that cannot even possibly benefit from vaccines) is to 'train the parents early' to keep giving them more vaccines. I have difficulty thinking of a more idiotic time in history than this, though I suppose the medieval period probably is a match.

Let's all keep this up front and in the public eye!

An absolutely wonderful video, thanks for sharing it, along with your commentary!

I'll definitely be listening to it again as I continue my research, and I'm currently listening to the Q&A from that same event.


Yeah, there are a small number of speakers on the subject who stand out among those who are looking at this. Often it takes a different angle to connect the dots and to communicate things in a non technical way for some people to catch on. Thanks for being diligent!

Very special subject really and very dangerous to human health
We must publicly check the vaccine before taking it
There are many bad people who want to make money for our lives

Hello ura soul,
Thank you for posting this exceptionally important information. Vaccination is an incredibly important and rather worrying subject. It is most unfortunate that there are some really big business concerns profiting from enforced vaccinations around the planet! Meanwhile politicians in those areas receive massive bonuses and executive positions on the boards of these companies. This whole area needs to be investigated extremely thoroughly and impartially!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thankyou - yes, it is more disturbing to me, the number of people who will twist things round and without looking at the evidence, say it is wrong. I see this as only evidence of mental and spiritual disturbance in these people.


Quite so!
We need to be very suspicious of all medical Authorities/industries ... as sadly they are mostly more interested in money and power than our good health!

Keep well :D

Big problem for children, as the powers to be push vaccines against the wishes of many knowledgeable parents. When I grew up, maybe 12 vaccine, I believe the number is approaching close to 50. I cannot believe they choose profit for pharma, over safety for our children.


The big problem here is that to accept that such scumbags exist and that they have enacted ways to get 'the establishment of science' to go along with them, means to accept that the biggest problem you face comes from those you have totally trusted.. Which in turn means dramatically and radically taking back responsibility for your own life and body and that of your children. Many are simply too gutless at this point to do this. :/

Thanks You

Medicine has become the new religion of the masses. I haven't trusted the medical field (mostly pharmaceutical pimps) most of my life as they allowed my mom to use me as a punishment vehicle against my dad after he left her. I am of the belief that many of the mass shooters are under the sway of their mind drugs, all with those blank zombie looks on their faces. MKUltra in its next phase I believe. The purpose of vaccines (among the other areas of poisoning taking place against us) seems to me to help whittle the population down while creating weakened minds and immunities. No way no how can anyone say the growing number of shots with their "traces" of mercury to jump the blood brain barrier do not/will not take their toll. Not to mention all the other little poisons they add to them (like they do with everything including the food).

Thanks for covering this as vaccines seems to be one of those issues people who are for them get angry in their quest to force them on all.

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