Children Learn From.......Us!!

3년 전

One of the most difficult parts of being a parent is a child's ability to pick up on the minutest quirk, the least constructive bad habit, and the odd mannerisms of their parents.


Our young ones watch us. Observe us. Take after us. ...And perhaps, teach us who we really are!


And most of the time, this is a very good thing. It could be a tiny part of the reason why some parents choose to homeschool. Because they would rather their children pick up their good habits and respectful language than that of disrespectful public school children. But it can also show us our own flaws. And that can be painful at times. We don't enjoy seeing our poor behaviours or judgments being lived out by our little ones.


We, as parents, are thus encouraged to reflect often and examine ourselves....and if you have older children, view their flaws or bad behaviours as a possible reflection on ourselves!

Parenting is no small responsibility. It is a very noble calling. And, inspite of the difficulties, and mistakes, and is the most rewarding of all callings as well!!


Let 2018 be the year we reassess our parenting work; finding our areas of personal and parenting improvement; and loving-in-action these young ones......
They are the truest reflection of ourselves!!!


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Wow, Yes. Every parent that is honest will experience this at some time. And we can ignore it... or use it to drive us to be even better role-models and parents!
2018 is a great year for looking at ourselves and what we can improve!
Thank you!

it is going to happen. but we should be trying to do better and thereby encourage the positives.

I still hold my children to a certain standard... but I don't lie to them or hide that I make mistakes too..... but my mistakes don't give them a free pass after they have been taught this or that right/wrong thing. That also is a good lesson. No one is perfect. But that doesn't give everyone the right to behave just as bad as they like!


Yes, I think thats right. Asking for forgiveness... And forgiving others is a challenging, but healthy lesson to teach. It helps in dealing with the fact we are not perfect, but still expect good behaviour.

Isn't that the truth? We are 6 months into our parenting journey so our kids haven't started imitating and bad behaviors just yet. That said, we often catch ourselves saying, "we better stop doing x, y, or z in front of the kids so much." They force us to be our best selves for sure.


What a joyful and wonderful time! Congratulations and enjoy it so much!


From personal experience..... Dont just change the behaviour in front of them..... Change it entirely. Otherwise they will see it later and think it is okay to be "two faced". (Sorry... I dont mean to sound harsh... But cant think of a more appropriate word for behaving differently in front of someone than outa sight).

I am dealing with this now with my oldest....


You're so right, and I appreciate the honesty. Plus, if you eliminate the bad behaviors entirely then you don't ever have to worry about slipping up. -Aimee

Ain't that the truth! My oldest is now 16 and she has some habits picked up from her father. I always tried to behave as I would want my daughters to behave, but hubby wasn't so careful and when he's complaining about her attitude I end up having to remind him that he can't criticise her for what he himself does! Lol
Thankfully it's nothing too terrible.


I think public eye's comment addresses this well.

Glad it's nothing " too terrible!"
Peace ;-D

my wife says my daughter acts and even smells like me...Whatever that means

I hope that your children learned their good manners from you!

I guess so. But don't we just learn and do what we do?

Do not raise children, yet they will like you. So, educate yourself. (English proverb)