Healthy Tips #117

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Let's start healthy life, @healthy-tips

The first thing you should know is, our body and mind must be healthy
so we can live a Happy life and long life together with someone you loved
Because Health is everything, nothing will matter if you are not healthy.

And, today @healthy-tips will share about...



  • Scallions are also rich in antioxidants.
  • Scallions' allicin can help fight against cancer, like stomach cancer. It may help in preventing or stopping the growth of cancer cells in our body.
  • Scallions can also help relieve inflammation in your body. Inflammation in our body can cause common to serious illnesses. By eating, or taking foods that have anti-inflammatory compounds, will keep us from harmful diseases or illneses.
  • Like other alliums, scallions can also be good for diabetic people. It can help prevent and lower the risk of diabetes and also helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Scallions are also good for our eye health. It can help us to have a sharp vision.

to be continued..
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Stay Healthy!

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