All I want is.................


If you have one wish to live a Happy Life, what will you ask for......

Money, Power, Love, Success, Name, Fame...............

In the recent times all that we have gone through, we have seen that none of them have been really useful. And the only thing all of us desire today is Good Health, Am I not right?

Be it rich or poor, each and every single person today wishes for it, that they stay healthy and that this virus does not get on them. Truly Health is the most important thing. If we do not have that everything else will hold no meaning. A wealthy person with no good health is living a worse life than a poor person who has no wealth but good health.

Having money and paying Doctors and Hospital bills is senseless. It is better that one takes good care of health and spends that money on travelling and exploring places. While everyone knows that health is so important, people still make foolish decisions. There are many people who if we advise them to make modifications in their diet which will increase their living cost, they do not prefer to do that, and it is all to save money, and then the same people spend money paying Doctor bills.


The quality of food has deteriorated so much, it is important that we start making the right choices, by buying organic food and products and hormone free meat. Yes, for this we will have to pay some extra price which will be heavy on the pocket, but then we can decide to cut down on certain expenses which may not be holding much relevance.

I have seen this in the Middle East and in India as well, maximum people eat outside in restaurants over the weekends. Imagine 4 meals in a restaurant with family or friends, even if you cut 2 of those restaurant meals and keep that budget for buying healthy organic food, that will be so much good for your health. First of all, you will cut down the 2 restaurant meals which are not very healthy, and secondly you will manage the higher food cost in the same budget.

But when I talk to people on changing their diet style, they take a step back, with all these ifs and buts, they do not want to compromise on the lifestyle they already have, first of all that's not even a healthy lifestyle. Trust me till the time I shifted to the Middle East I would rarely visit a restaurant, once a month would be maximum, we were always on the home food. But after shifting to the middle east lifestyle started changing with friends, and here normally everyone goes out to restaurants at least twice a week and otherwise also a lot of preservative foods are used. For around 6 months, we even got into that, and in that time my husband got caught up with his autoimmune condition. We realized how toxic our food habits had become, and we again got back to our routines, but the damage was already done to his health.


Two Healthy homemade meals are just enough for a person, and that can be well budgeted for in the monthly budget by cutting down unnecessary expenses.
Health is the most important thing in life, if we do not have that money that we will have, we will not even get an opportunity to enjoy that money and enjoy life.

Once in a way indulgence is good. Eating out in local restaurants and the local cuisines is also not harmful, but the fast foods are definitely, which should be avoided completely.
Some months ago I had posted, in front of my house, there is a park and a part of the park has been leased to Mcdonalds. I find this very sad, because first of all the healthy space is taken away and that too for a garb like MacD which promotes shitty unhealthy food.

Again the diet that we consume does not even give enough Vitamins and Minerals that the body needs. Majority of the people if they get their blood test done, there will be some or the other vitamin deficiency observed. So it is important that on a regular basis Multivitamins and other food supplements are taken to keep the markers in green. What do you think an ideal vitamin D level is for the body? Minimum 30 is required for the body, but maximum people will be below that level, and vitamin D is the most important in so many ways for our body function.

And Good Health does not stop here, one has to be mindful about the lifestyle, which includes sleep habits, exercise routines, avoiding addictions and also being mindful about mental health.

So what do you think matters most to you?
For me, A Good Health is all that I need 💖

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"

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For me, I would say peace of mind is most important to me.

health must be prioritized, because drugs are very cheap, children's sports are the first among others, such as yoga, gymnastics and the like.@nainaztengra.

Truly said health is the most important part of our life, because when we take care of our health properly then only we can think about Money, Power, Love, Success, Name, Fame. If we can't feel good from inside then can't perform our best from outside. @nainaztengra

Health is wealth..
We all also should physical and mentally fit .With out healthy and mentally fit we can do nothing...
So,Health is very important in our life ..It's play major role in our life..

Thanks for sharing ur post .

A Good Health is all that I need

I agree with you all we need is a Good Health
As it has been said Health Is Wealth

I remember a quote seeing your post . Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” Apparently Health is the most precious asset that we hold our whole life.
Thank you for sharing such interesting blogs with us.

every single person today wishes for it, that they stay healthy and that this virus does not get on them

Absolutely, Health is wealth! not a question about that, Nowadays we have seen a lot of health challenges is happing just because of an unhealthy lifestyle and food, Even though we eat greenery but that is not 100% pure, just because of food alteration. So people should focus on organic stuff and organic food supplement to full fill the nutrition gaps.

Ma'am,heath is platinum & time is gold:-)
These two are important to all human beings on this planet,if we lost our health yes lost everything & once we lost our time we can not bring back that again:-)
Thanks for sharing a most contented blog on health,pls keep sharing your blog w/ steemit & be happy and healthy