I'm Reversing Heart Disease!


Proof That Fasting Reverses Heart Disease
Usually when I make this astonishing proclamation I include a link to the research so that you can see for yourself. Today I’m posting a personal experience that proves it.
I began recording my blood pressure and resting heart rate every day three years ago (May 2018). On March 19, 2021 I recorded a new low resting heart rate of 57 beats per minute. I immediately wondered how much improvement I’ve had since 2018. I took an average of the first 30 days in 2018 and compared them to the last 30 days ending on the day I had the new record low. The first 30 days of recording my blood pressure and resting heart rate saw an average of 76.2. My last 30 days has yielded an average of 65.3. Despite the fact that I'm three years older my circulatory health improved because of my fasting lifestyle. The one change I made to my diet in May of 2018 was that I stopped eating food with added sugar except at special events like birthdays. I had already started eating low-carb, high fat (no seed oils), and unprocessed foods. Later I increased salt intake and was able to get off blood pressure medication. That’s right there is no typo in that last sentence. I actually take salt as a supplement. I don’t take statins or blood thinners.

The average resting heart rate for a “65+” year old male is 70-73 beats per minute. An “excellent” heart rate is 56-61. I’m 71 at this writing.
Every day I thank God for opening my eyes to the healing power within His gift of fasting.

I know going without food doesn’t make sense. Man’s wisdom is always the opposite of God’s wisdom. Man says you need to eat to keep up your strength. God’s wisdom tells us to fast to get our strength back!

Okay, I understand you don't want to take my word for it. Here you go. Straight from the National Institutes of Health:



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