Retina is known to be heart condition

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Heart Attack is a silent killer. Anyone can be its victims at any time. Basically unhealthy diet and uncontrolled lifestyle increases the risk of heart attack. When it is not possible to know who will be a heart attack before, it is possible to minimize the risk of predisposition with some idea about its symptoms. A recent study says that five years ago, information about the heart attack prediction can be found! And there's no X-ray for him. Doppler sound effects do not even try to understand it. Seeing only the eyes, it will be possible to predict the heart attack before seeing Retina's appearance, character, behavior. A new 8-member team of Google has discovered this method of innovation. An Indian scientist, named Avinash V Bardarajan, is in the team of Google's headquarter in California's California Mountain View.

The research paper has been published in the journal 'Nature-Biomedical Engineering'. The title of the paper- 'Prediction of cardiovascular risk Facts from Retinal Fundus Photography Via Deep Learning'. One of the main researchers, Artificial Intelligence Specialist Li Peng Researchers say, a heart attack, whether there is any holes in the heart valve, or if there is a possibility of something happening in the future, only the retina of the eye can be known. If you have a heart attack, how serious it can be, can be assimilated long ago! It will be possible to predict through an artificial intelligence software created by Google's researchers.

It has been found that the body has been diagnosed with a disease in the retina for several days. As a precautionary measure, high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol, doctors have been testing retina for many days. Even in the case of certain types of cancer, initially the retina test system is operational.

Avinash V Bardarajan said that the retina was tested to find out what kind of disease the person had bred or whether it was present in the body. But with our preparedness, it is possible to predict the first rate of heart attack, and a heart attack will be predicted.

About the software, Li Peng said that they created a specific mathematical formula or 'algorithm' based on information related to the health of 2,84,435 patients. Their retina pictures are analyzed. With that information, the artificial intelligence travel software has been built.

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