Prayer Before Bedtime (7th September, 2020)



Praying tirelessly was one of the major attributes of Jesus Christ while he was on earth. It's expected of us to pray all the time; day and night. This is so, because, some evil arrows fly at day and at night. And we were also made to understand that, while men slept, the enemies came to sow tares. So, this is why we have to pray.

Prayer before Bedtime: Omniscient God, The All Knowing God, we bless Your Holy name. Thank You for taking us through the day. We appreciate Your loving kindness. We pray that Your divine protection shall rest upon us. The blood of Jesus will speak for us. We put ourselves in the Hollow of Your Hand. Keep us True and Holy. Protect our people who are far and near. Thank You Father. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Good night. Happy night rest.

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