The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 4, DTube Video #2


Welcome to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally.

Today we are continuing in Genesis 4:4-6

The first three verses brought the boys from conception, through childhood and into their professions. We continue on as Abel's sheep was looked upon with regard by Elohim.

Then the offering of Cain was not looked upon with regard, which made Cain "very hot" and his "his face, they fell."

It is interesting that his face is plural (they). It is common in Hebrew for anger to be expressed as one's face or nose getting hot. I am not sure why one offering was seen as good and another as not...

We leave it at this point because I do not want to present the main point before it is read. I usually limit my readings to one screen full of Hebrew, which is plenty when learning to read.

There are a few words that may be new to you:
Gam = Also
Meod = Very
Lamah = Why
Pnav = His face
Fneycha = Your face

Note that the the letter Pey with a dot in the middle is pronounced as "P" and without, like "F". See his face and your face above.

Here is the English to compare. When there are three male persons speaking it is hard to find the right word order in your mind.


It sometimes helps to see the interpretation thought out in English.

Today's reading


This is one of the best ways to learn a language, reading and learning to understand words and word order in Hebrew while reading. Click the links below to hear the reading.

Here are the links

Please click over to DTube and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

Note: my pronunciation of The Name as Yehovah is explained more fully in Genesis 2, DTube Video #2 and the coinciding audio is linked here.

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go, the sofit formations and numerical values. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom

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I didn't yet watch the video! I see you shared few words yeah they are new to me! Great to see this weekly article and the way you write it made things very interesting! Thank you and have a great week ahead!

Shabbat Shalom~


This may be a very basic question, but I don't know, so I'll ask. In the preceding image, why is it that the word is translated Yahweh if it's pronounced Yahovah (Jehovah)? I've seen both in Bibles, but are they different?

You mentioned that you didn't know why one of the offerings was accepted and another wasn't. Hopefully you weren't leaving your explanation for next week with the continuation of the passage. If so, don't read my thoughts here! :)

When it talks about Cain's offering, it says he brought an offering from the fruit of the ground. There are no qualifiers or descriptors on it. however, when it talks about Abel's offering, it says he brought from the firstborn of his flock, and that he brought from the fat of them. It sounds like Abel really brought the best of what he had, whereas (I as an English speaker would infer from the lack of adjectives that) Cain brought offerings that weren't the best of what he had.

God often doesn't look at what we do, but at why we do it. Later, when looking for someone to anoint king of Israel, God tells Samuel that "man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." We can possibly surmise that God saw that Abel strongly desired to honor God, and that he trusted God, but Cain was giving the offering as a technicality. I'm not sure, but that's my feeling.

What are your thoughts? Or is that something that you'll look at more this coming week?

Awesome Dtube! Very pleasant use of media and teaching techniques. Thank you, sir.

Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
your good work and great work

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That is Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful lesson information. very good this article.
100% like and resteem

3 tres dias de ferias en mi pueblo y me pierdo las clases online, pero siempre están aquí esperándome jeje

Lamah nos nutres con tu información ?

Gam estamos agradecidos contigo por ello
Tus clases geniales no tienen rival me gustan mucho nos nos abandones gracias a ti ya conocemos muchas palabras en hebreo mas yo me concentro en solo palabras gracias por compartirla
Saludos desde mi terruño venezolano ❤✋

Great teachings from you sir,nice to see this bible lessons sir,online classes have already created great impact on me.

Your classes are always amazing sir,the way you explain in detail is a special skill from you,thanks a lot @hebrew.

Your classes are amazing @hebrew i am so glad to see again thanks for posting about basics about this language.

Your online classes are awesome sir,thanks a lot for your love and support have a great day.

Great video tutorials from you sir this blog is very special and the way you are working is really amazing.

Shabbat Shalom from Canada. Watching the lesson now.

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This is so cool teachings sir i am glad to watch your classes are again those are mind blowing.

Amazing Videos sir i am so happy for your online classes sir this will help our community who are eager to learn new things.

Your videos are so powerful @hebrew they have raised the standards in me i am so glad to see you again,Thanks for the online classes.

It is very interesting to learn, everything is new. Many people interpret the Bible in different ways. Thank you for teaching us.

Great lessons from you sir and thanks for the nice little story in this blog post.

Wow simply superb videos @hebrew i like your classes a lot thanks for being with us again.

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Your classes are the best and the materials you provide is really cool @hebrew your the best teacher on this planet.

Thank you so much sir with out you nothing is possible i am enjoying your online classes thanks for sharing sir.

Learning these words is really great sir thanks for making it very easy for us,have a nice day.

Great video tutorials from you sir this blog is very special and the way you are working is really amazing.

This Language series is really awesome sir i like your videos a lot,thanks for spending your quality time for us.

Great story @hebrew as your teachings are always very special thanks for the online sources.

Learning symbols and letters is always amazing i am glad to get master like you,have a great day @hebrew.

There is lot to learn from this classes sir you are doing a great job for the community.

This is really awesome sir i am great fan of your teachings i am so glad to be your student,have a nice day sir.

For me, your lessons are no longer confusion. Everything becomes more clear. Thank you for your useful lessons.

Beautiful dtube and great lesson.
It's very helpful for life.
Thanks for sharing

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Your teachings are simply superb sir these classes are very nice,i am very much greatful to you sir.

Hebrew learning and reading course is amazing

I'm excited to be learning new words. Thank you for another wonderful piece.

Your classes are the best in the world thanks you so much @hebrew.

Thanks @hebrew for another Ivrit language lesson.i just love this and wait for this saturday to read it.its really interesting.

Very practical practical teaching for phonological pronunciation correctly. Thanks sir.

Meod new words in this article . Very useful to learn Hebrew . I like this post meod much .
Shabbat shalom

Your teachings are always amazing sir,i am so glad to see you again,the way you are teaching morals through your blog is really awesome.

beginners episodes are amazing sir you are making simplified version all together you are doing a great job @hebrew.

The way you comes with these videos are amazing sir,i am so proud to be here your classes are great.

This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language.
Thank you for great writing experience.

This is a special post from you @hebrew like your short humor stories i am great fan of your online classes sir,i am glad to be your student.

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Your online classes helping me a lot thank you so much @hebrew for the amazing videos you always provide.

הפרשה הכי מעננית , שבוע טוב לכולם

this is valuable post. it is great writing experience .wonderful work for dtube video.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

There are a few words that may be new to you:
Gam = Also
Meod = Very
Lamah = Why
Pnav = His face
Fneycha = Your face

Yeah..It's best teaching lesson. I'm pretty attractive your video and writing lesson. There are more thing has for our knowledge. God bless you.

@hebrew this is nice post and valuable lesson thank you.

Thanks for the information of the Bible. the very helpful language.
such a good topic & wonderful dtube video'

Thanks to your Hebrew lessons now atleast I can read few words and know meanings of few! We never get this chance if you are not willing to share your knowledge! Today you shared another great section of the lesson and a DTube video to get a clear idea about it as well.

Shabbat Shalom~

It's nicely see your hebrew language's article weekly @hebrew. Sound would be awesome there. Video introduction perfect. Everyone can easily understand. Shabbat Shalom.

@hebrew, That's excellent Dtube pronunciation indeed 100% satisfaction tutorial to every steemians. Ivrit language is some harder to language as you know. But if follow your ways we can learn it use some time. Thanks for the well explained.

Shabbat Shalom.

Glad to receive another part of lesson. Reading, vowels, teach letters everything entered here. So better advantages to us. Best one.

Que bueno verte de nuevo es genial tu constancia y dedicación para tus lectores saludos

Its great videos sir i am practising the vocabulary daily you have created amazing videos sir they are so simple thank you so much @hebrew.

Good Hebrew words lesson. These words are commonly uses in everyday . Shabbat shalom.

Excellent blog post sir great video i am glad to have your video classes again sir,the videos you produce are really good @hebrew.

Very educative post on Hebrew words. You are a good teacher of Hebrew . Shabbat shalom.

Quite a great video for learning the lesson very interactive and awesome way of learning :)

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All my life I have liked to study the Bible and to understand its passages, what I find interesting to study in the Hebrew language, I join the study. Regarding the lesson, when talking about the Shabat it is of great controversy for many religions, that is why it is very important to have the original writing to clarify its meaning, thanks for your teachings ... Greetings from Venezuela

Most welcome sir
Congratulations for your post. I like it your every post. thanks for sharing this post.... best of luck in your post... thanks

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That is Great lesson of Hebrew language and very good video. Thank you very much for sharing. I waiting for your next post

Wow..Good work!
There's a great post to learn a lot from it.

Another great and inspiring lesson(read few words). Thanks Sir ☺

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"In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter."
This is quite educating

Gam = Also
Meod = Very
Lamah = Why
Pnav = His face
Fneycha = Your face
That is going to be easy for me

hebrew is a holy language. so we all need to know about this language especially who loves jesus.................

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It always nice to learn something and i am so happy to learn this language you have made it so simple,you have done a great job.