The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 3, DTube Video #2

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Welcome to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter. Old manuscripts also usually have vowels marked.

We are reading Genesis 3:6-7

There is a lot here. This passage predates the ten commandments, but I believe the instructions on how not to covet were rooted right here. She saw that it was desirable and good for food. Not so.

In Genesis 2:9 "God caused to spring up every tree that was desirable to the eyes and good for food. The tree of life was in the middle of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil" (also), telling us that these other two trees were there and quite different from the food trees.

The interesting thing is that the woman did not know good from evil, but did attribute God's words to this particular fruit. Again, the woman had not been there when God said, "of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat..." See below, how that command was given. After which, He decided to make a helper for man so that he is not alone.

Genesis 2:15-18

God had not said this tree was good for food. Adding to or taking away from God's word is dangerous. Much discussion has been had on why God blamed the man. The woman knew about the command, but she had not yet had a physical body when it was spoken not to eat of that tree. The blame game I will leave for the future.


In today's video, I touched on some vocabulary that I had covered before. Commentary is not my strongest area. But I also showed the different spelling of two words in the same passage the woman and her man sound exactly the same, but the spelling is quite different, seen below.

Today's reading


The interpretation of the Hebrew here takes the liberties of translating this as "her husband", but in Hebrew I see that she gave the fruit to her man. You are allowed to form the words that you like best in English, Thai, Mandarin, Russian or Spanish. Many do and they argue on and on about interpreted words. I am telling you what it says.

It is clear that she was his, having been made for him. Conversely he would be hers. They were destined to be one flesh stated at the end of Genesis two and therefore, it would be reasonable to call them husband and wife at this point. They started as one flesh, one man alone. She was made from his flesh and bones and they are now two, destined to unite and become one flesh again.

Other vocabulary you should already know:

  • tov - good
  • hoo - he
  • eyts - tree
  • pri or pree - fruit
  • gahm - also
  • im or eem - with

Here are the links

Please click over to DTube and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

Note: my pronunciation of The Name as Yehovah is explained more fully in Genesis 2, DTube Video #2 and the coinciding audio is linked here.

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go, the sofit formations and numerical values. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom

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It's another great lesson of Genesis 3:6-7 and very attractive + interesting!
I will start flagging that scammer account! Really appreciate your work of highlighting it!

Shabbat Shalom~

A very good lesson... is the fruit an etrog?



Nice etrog. Looks perfect

That's pretty interesting tutorial of hebrew language using context and video pronunciation. Your teaching style very interesting and perfect. Thanks god for giving more valuable tutorial @hebrew.

That would be excellent description. Your explanation so powerful and I read better take more time. Meaning more powerful than lesson. I prefer to read and study whole your lessons. Shabbat Shalom.

Interesting message turned out. Sorry for ignorance, really want to know what kind of trees are "good" and "evil"?


There was one tree that would change the perfect immortal human in order to give them the ability to know what is good or evil, but also made them mortal. After that choice, they were barred from the garden and it has not been found since. There is a tree of life which is forecast to be free for the picking at some point in the future. I am not sure if we will ever see the tree of knowledge (of good and evil) again.

Another note, all are expressing opinions today seemingly knowing what is good or bad, love or hate (hate-speech), which are totally subjective. Each subject has their own good and evil judgement.

It’s obvious that God was testing man and his flesh. They chose the other way, not to listen to God and that’s why God gave them the right to choose for them self and not God making choices for them.

Thank you for the new lesson, my friend @hebrew, where I learn more about Genesis with the help of Hebrew, which is the wise and ancient language in the world. Today's understanding of the tree and God's actions to create a woman has given me a better idea of Being!

Appreciate your work of bringing the word to the blockchain. Love following when I can. Shalom akhi

The woman knew about the command, but she had not yet had a physical body when it was spoken not to eat of that tree.

Great point!
That’s a great walkthrough of the beginning of humankind. It was only matter of time when one of them tastes the forbidden fruit even if the women was told not to eat the fruitafter she became a woman.

If we follow the Word of God, he will reward us, if we betray him, He has the power to curse us

Awesome Dtube! Media and teaching techniques are very communicative. Thank you sir!

We should follow the God words, Other wise we can fall into danger.


We should follow the
God words, Other wise we can
Fall into danger.

                 - hairy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

The interesting thing is that the woman did not know good from evil.

I'll agree with you here to an extent, she wasn't there when God had given Adam the commandment but I'm sure Adam must have relayed the message to her same way she was told.

But as you have said...

Adding to or taking away from God's word is dangerous.

You showing greatest points need to compare our life @hebrew. More steemians respect you because your teaching skills. There are so many concepts when god's talked and showed. Video conversation awesome. God bless you.

Nice one

Great teaching @hebrew. God bless you for your great work. Always following for Hebrew lessons and biblical explanation

God know what is good for us and what is not good for us. But sometime he want to test us by giving luxuriates etc. He want to see that we return to him or not.

Adding to or taking away from God's word is dangerous.

Thank you for pointing this out. I wish most preachers of the gospel will take this seriously.

Since I was little I love reading the Bible, I come from a religious family, that's why I love this educational publication, where I can learn from the original language of the Bible. In this opportunity of genesis I see the importance in the separation of masculine and feminine, I will go further in their publications to follow more closely their studies ... Thank you for teaching us ... I gave him resteem so that others also follow this important study

Thanks for sharing the vocabulary words and nicely explained each and every thing :)

vocabulary words are awesome sir thank you so much @hebrew you have made my day so meaningful

This is so cool teachings sir i am glad to watch your classes are again those are mind blowing.

Your online classes are awesome sir,thanks a lot for your love and support have a great day

Your classes are amazing @hebrew i am so glad to see again thanks for posting about basics about this language.

God always test us and that was a kind of test of God. Great teaching sir, especially your d tube video that really wonderful and easy to catchup. Thanks for your great post that really like and enjoy, upvoted and resteemed.

@hebrew, Another well come back lesson of ancient Ivrit language part. Well explained Genesis 3:6-7. I got better imagine from it. Easily understand Dtube vocabulary. The vocabulary seems some interesting. Thanks for given extra ordinary lesson.

Shabbat Shalom


Hello, a great greeting from venezuela always to the day of your interesting classes I love the topic of today is related to the forbidden fruit that eat the fruit of the tree that as you say, it is not known if it was good or bad ...

Eva took from the "eyts" the forbidden "pri", but it is said that it was because she did not take the order not to do it from a body only she knew it was an order since she was not present when this command was said to man

It is excellent to try some Hebrew words haha teacher thank you

See you next week


Glad to see you using them. I believe she knew about God's warning from the man. He had communicated it to her.

Hebrew will be easier for you because you speak Spanish. Several similarities exist between the two languages.

  • et is used much like "a" in Spanish. ej: siempre hablo a mi mama
  • prepositions are grouped into one word in both languages.
    ej: Juan: Quiero un chocolate.
    Felipe: Te lo quiero comprar or Quiero comprartelo

super, thanks for digging a little deeper, surely with your help it will be easier

et: they are referred to as "a" in perfect Spanish
then an example to use that term:
"et" @hebrew loves to teach,
sueper will be great this
thank you very much 🙌

There is a lot to learn from your post. I have to learn a lot of things from you.
loving to your blog.thanks for sharing...I will always support you man!!!

Excellent that you do not lose the constancy of wanting to teach us of this wonderful language thank you very much a big hug
Shabbat shalom @hebrew

Your post is very knowledgeable, learning lot's of things also wonderful your d tube video. This language is quite different from other language that i'm looking three to four words in a one word such as 'from fruit of him' with in a word that great.
I really enjoy your post, thanks.

I love these publications and I was waiting for this post to continue learning and in this way to better interpret the word thanks for the post, the teaching and the time you take to teach this language

@hebrew, That would be another greatest video and context lesson of Ivrit language. Video pronunciation very clever to understand. Perfect introduction about Genesis 3:6-7 this time. I appreciate your valuable task here. Thanks for sharing.

Shabbat Shalom

Hi, Teacher @hebrew it's always a pleasure to acquire some knowledge from your weekly blog. This incident (similar to it ) I have read in my course-book ( Sociology of Religion) and after reading the details you shared here actually enhanced my knowledge in a very generous way.
I do personally feel that this #dtube methodology has improved my vocabulary in an effective way and this an awesome way to correct my basic grammar of this wonderful language #Hebrew.

Massive respect and lots of prayers for all these sincere efforts of yours Teacher @hebrew <3

Another nice post, great teaching and knowledgeable too.
Your teaching system is amazing that really appreciable also d tube video making very easy to tech us, thanks.

What a wonderful online classes sir your teachings are always amazing,have a great day sir.

Great lessons from you sir and thanks for the nice little story in this blog post.

Thank you so much sir with out you nothing is possible i am enjoying your online classes thanks for sharing sir.

Wow simply superb videos @hebrew i like your classes a lot thanks for being with us again.

Your classes are the best and the materials you provide is really cool @hebrew your the best teacher on this planet.

Great story @hebrew as your teachings are always very special thanks for the online sources.

Great video tutorials from you sir this blog is very special and the way you are working is really amazing.

Thanks for sharing the vocabulary words and nicely explained each and every thing

Learning these words is really great sir thanks for making it very easy for us,have a nice day.

sir genuinely your updated publish..
i love to study..continually..i study many component from your post ...
it gives me a lot plesant so effortlessly...
simply love to read your publish...
i've nothing to give an explanation for..
such a excellent shared.
just salute you........
@resteem accomplished

I am so happy to see full study material is available in online.your classes are so cool @hebrew.

Wonderful videos sir thanks for the information about the spammer hope no damage has done.

Your classes are amazing sir i watched the @dtube videos they are so pretty i am very happy today sir.

Great teachings sir,you are improving my morals day by day all together you are doing a great job sir.

The way you comes with these videos are amazing sir,i am so proud to be here your classes are great.

This is very important lesson and important language.this is valuable post. it is great writing.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

Good words information like tov, eyts, hoo. Also good topic on trees in garden. Shabbat shalom

A wonderful lesson, my friend and your interpretation of Being in ancient and sacred language like Hebrew, shows me all the subtleties of God's actions to create peace and how to understand the actions of men and women! Thank you @hebrew

Your classes are always amazing sir,the way you explain in detail is a special skill from you,thanks a lot @hebrew.

Hebrew is such a great language!!! It is valuable and very useful language.
Thanks for sharing.

Your videos are so powerful @hebrew they have raised the standards in me i am so glad to see you again,Thanks for the online classes.

This is really awesome sir i am great fan of your teachings i am so glad to be your student,have a nice day sir.

Thanks for posting vocabulary words sir i am very glad to see you again,your classes are amazing.

Hi @hebrew thanks for sharing such a lovely content your tutorials are helping most of the people,thank you so much.

beginners episodes are amazing sir you are making simplified version all together you are doing a great job @hebrew.

Learning symbols and letters is always amazing i am glad to get master like you,have a great day @hebrew.

Nice story about this fruit sir its a great day to learn something i love the way you share morals on your blogs.

sir your way of conveying of message is very impressive .I learned some words of hebrew language .

Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful information.
100% like and resteem

wow Great learning introduction post...thanks for sharing...

hebrew is one of the old language & best language i seen.
dear shabbat shalom you explain it so nicely.

great teacher always teach great thing. you are a great man i see ever. love you dear.
i learn a lot from you.
@resteem & @upvote done to represent such language whole steemit

Great Blog post sir every saturday is so beautiful with you,your videos are awesome sir i am thankfull for your online classes.

Hi my friend @hebrew . Your post is the best..and the vidoe on your post make me interesting with it. I have share link your post and your video to my friend. And i have resteem it to All people.

Thank you very much friend.
You have help me and you have like my post last 1 hour ago.
I like and interesting with history..And more about your country history.

Thank you very much.
I wish blessing god always for you

After a long time I read your writing. Today's writing is very beautiful. I learned something new.
All in all, thank you, not only. And good luck for the future.

I'm so glad to see you come back with your new lesson. Your method of teaching is much more effective. I have achieved much better than every lease. Continue this way, sir.

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable article.

Very unique information . What's the difference between food tree and life or knowledge tree ?
Shabbat shalom


The tree of life brings life and the tree of knowledge was promised to bring death. Both life eternal, which the original humans had but gave away, and death eternal.

Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful information. very good this article.
100% like and resteem

The online classes you have made are so effective @hebrew i love your @dtude videos so much.

Tree of life and knowledge are diffrent from food tree. Intresting topic . Thanks for posting .
Shabbat shalom

Genesis brings us a great motivation sir,your online classes are so cool,they are easy to understand.

The way you teaches these classes are really amazing sir,your online classes are the best.

Hey @hebrew, How are you?
A long time later I got another class. It's very good. Truly your lessons are a lot more beneficial. thanks for that.

Your teachings are simply superb sir these classes are very nice,i am very much greatful to you sir.

Guaaaoo muy magistral e interesante su post del dia, saludos y bendiciones

Awesome teachings from you @hebrew i love your explanations a lot its always fun learning new things.

Great story sir you always brings something special through your blogs @hebrew.

Your posts are very interesting especially for me .

Great to fine tune the pronounciation with dtube video by @hebrew sir and you are my best teacher for this ancient language.

The way you are explaining it us jjust faboulous!
No one is teaching @hebre the way you are teaching

Very nicely and easily you described about everything this was great to checkout thanks a lot for sharing that :)

Very good job @hebrew. I had not seen another Steemian who was dedicated to studying and sharing the Hebrew language with the community... Keep it up!

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable post.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

Thank you sir for another information Video for Hebrew Language :)
keep sharing the information

Wise words buddy and very nicely explained by the way !

Thank you for coming back with an amazing lecture sir. we miss you.
#shabbat shalom.

Shabbat shalom

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Es difícil de entender como el hombre se dejo llevar y comió de la fruta prohibida cuando se supone que el había escuchado la palabra de Dios.

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