The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 2, DTube Video #3

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Welcome back to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter. Old manuscripts also usually have vowels marked.

This week - Genesis 2:7-10

Today's reading takes us from the formation of man to the planting of the garden and on to the choice of life or death, all in two verses. There is enough theology in these two verses to write a book or two. There are also some obvious answers to some long standing questions.

God formed man from the dust, breath into him, and he became a living soul. You may notice that there was no need to breath life into the woman.


Because God had already blown the breath of ha'yim (life - plural) into the man.


The ending im or eem in Hebrew is either plural or something that emphatically complete.

If plural, then lives in the man, enough for two when the woman was created.
If complete, then part of the body and part of the soul were both taken to make the woman.

Both work for me, leaving this open for interpretation via the rest of the Tanakh, but the second seems to go with the famous wedding verse, "... and the who shall become one flesh, and what God has joined, let no man separate." (loose paraphrase). I will not go into reading Matthew 19 in full.

A quick look at the Greek gives us 'sarx' (flesh) and my handy Hebrew B'rit Hadasha also gives me בשר אחד (one body). That said, there are many verses that say, it is not good for man to be alone. From experience, I can tell you that being parted from a wife feels like your soul has been ripped in two. Further study may render the union between man and wife to be the joining of souls as well as sexual union.

Moving on

He planted a garden with every tree that is desirable and good for food. Then after that, he (also) put the tree of life in the middle of he garden and the tree of knowledge there. This begs the question involving three types of trees. Those that were good for food, another of life, and the last of knowledge of good and evil.

  • Many for food
  • One for life
  • One for knowing good and evil.

Food is obviously necessary for nourishment. One would argue that the other two trees were there in order to present man with the reoccurring choice of life or death.


Death was in man's future once he had watched as the woman ate, and he ate. Dominion over the world had been transferred to the adversary. Access to the tree of life was cut off along with entry to the garden.

Babel, trying to make a name (not God's name) for themselves rendered the death of communication, a dispersion to other locations (loss of community), and the loss of the tower they had been working on.

Israel, when disobedient, gave them captivity (death of their freedom), loss of their city (access to the land flowing with milk and honey), and the destruction of the Temple (access to God's presence).

Israel was constantly given the choice of to serve other gods or the one God. The consequences for their choices were consistent throughout their history. There are many other calls to "Choose."

  • Deut.30:15 ... I have set before you today life and prosperity, and death and adversity.
  • Deut. 30:19 ... I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life.
  • Prov. 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.
  • Jer. 21:8 "Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death."
  • John 10:10 The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy: I am come that they might have life...

These two trees spark the question of choice. Every man, woman, and child choose daily, all day. The definition of good and evil is factual only when we read what the creator of those two trees has to say. Otherwise, these words are defined by the opinion of the soul that tries to define them. The hit-man finds what he considers to be a good target but considers missing them to be bad. The thief finds a good mark, and it is bad when he is caught. The swindler? The rapist?

We will surely talk more about choices as we read on.

Here is today's reading


The readings are kept short because upload times for a two-minute video are in excess of three hours at DTube. I cannot reasonably make longer videos.

Here are the links

Please click over to DTube and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

Note: my pronunciation of The Name as Yehovah is explained more fully in Genesis 2, DTube Video #2 and the coinciding audio is linked here.

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go, the sofit formations and numerical values. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom

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We all have a choice to choose life or death. And we're constantly presented with options to choose. Often it becomes easier to continue choosing the same when when you've been choosing it over and over. It creates habits that make it more difficult to start choosing the other.

I can see how certain thought processes have been making things more difficult for me in the last few weeks, so I had to change some of those. I'm trying to do better and will continue to try as the choices will never end until I'm gone. Hopefully that will be a long time from now. I have much left that I would like to accomplish.

I had a huge breakthrough in understanding from this lesson!

The ending im or eem in Hebrew is either plural or something that emphatically complete.

When you were reading the part of the verses that included the word "life" I realized that the pronunciation for life was included in the word for God, Elohim. There's literally life in God. That's so cool.

I also got a better understanding of who He is through His name ending in "im." As you said, that represents plural or complete. God is made up of three persons and he is complete, so He's both those. I didn't realize/remember that the word demonstrated that. Thanks for presenting it to us.

On another note, I don't know what your history is, but you alluded to knowing the pain of losing a wife. I'm sorry for your loss. A wife is precious and to lose a good one would be terrible. I can only imagine that you're correct when you say it's like your soul being ripped in two. I'm sorry.

Thanks for this post. It really encouraged me a lot. There were distractions and opposition to keep me from it, but I felt I should watch it and read it now before I let the moment pass. Thanks for being faithful to post your reading and study of the Word. It has been a light for me, especially in these last few weeks. Thank you!


Your comments are post worthy at least. You always have something relative to say, empathetic and compassionate. Thank you.

I almost stopped myself from adding the part about my wife because of my intention to present facts only. My statement about how it feels to lose my wife is as close as I come to throwing opinions out there. It is still factual because the feeling was mine and I experienced it. It could be different for other people, but not likely.

Your observation about God. There are books that have been written about this. It is one of the first observations made by many learning the language.

I also got a better understanding of who He is through His name ending in "im."

But, Elohim is no his name, it is only a title. More times than not, his name comes before Elohim, Elohechah (your God), Elohaynu (our God) and other forms with possessive pronouns at the end.


Still, the complete, or plural God always uses masculine singular verbs. So there is no doubt, He is one. Here is a parallel: mai-yim which is water or waters, is always plural like God's title. Would anyone deny that clouds, lakes and glaciers are all different, but still water? A complete view of water, if you will.

One last note: when Israel went in and captured cities, the were supposed to destroy all the many carved gods they found. Those are written elohim as well in scripture and they are used with plural verbs and adjectives.


Well, thank you. I've been through enough things that I can have some perspective and sympathy (if not empathy) on what people are going through. Pain and loss are never easy, so I shouldn't treat others' pain as trivial. My pain never was trivial. So I can understand what others are going through, even if my understanding is limited in their specific situation.

I'm glad you included it. It's subjective to you, but it's true for you. And it's something that most people could at least conceptually understand. I think it helps makes your point. Although, it's possibly still painful for you and I'm in no way trying to diminish your loss. It does help demonstrate your point.

Title, not name. That's a good clarification. Ok, that makes more sense why they have both of the words together. I noted that, but didn't quite understand.

Your example of water is a good one. That is easily understood. They're all separate, but they're all water.

I haven't read in Hebrew the parts where they were to destroy the carved gods. Now I'll be looking for it.

It still amazes me how much more understanding you can get from something by looking at it in a different language. The subtle differences in the way the languages present ideas can provide a lot of perspective.

I am in a different religion, but it understood how god did all these creations through this article. Yeah I didn't go through the video lesson yet. I am going to watch it! Great work and good effort you put to teach us these old and great language! Thank you very much!

Shabbat Shalom~


I appreciate your loyalty! It is alright if we have different beliefs as long as we have an open mind. I believe Christians imagine God sitting in the clouds looking one way and those of Israeli blood see him in a completely different way. Both are half right in their own way. Where one misses the mark, the other picks it up and gets it right according to my studies.

Shabbat Shalom @hebrew sir

Yet another great tutorial from you and your detailed interpretation of genesis is really appreciable. Thank you.

Oh yeah @hebrew, it's an amazing lesson and it's always nice to hear from you, especially through video, the detailed interpretation of Genesis, especially when it happens in Hebrew, the language of wisdom passed through the ages. Well done, go on!


Thank you. Videos take a very long time to upload. I read at 7:30 and the upload finished at midnight. That gave me time to write the post and grab some relative images, but the time involved for a two-minute video is frustrating. Still, I believe in DTube and would rather wait for long upload times than feed the corporate whale.

When DTube improves, I will add more commentary and make longer videos.

Hebrew is the most ancient & creative language in the world. We found in our history in ancient revolution are started by hebrew language. Thank you @hebrew sir for your great activity .
God bless you..

@hebrew, That would be another excellent Dtube pronunciation indeed Ivrit tutorial introduction. Very easily pickup simply introduction being your style. I prefer to your teaching style sir. Nice explain about Genesis 2:7-10. Keep going everyone with hebrew language.

Shabbat Shalom.

Really amazing your D tube Hebrew reading and language series, very clearly described here that really possible to learn. I always follow your D tube video that highly appreciate you and nice subject chosen today. Thanks to share and as always you are doing

that not possible to do easily for any people. You are the great sir. Thanks to share another knowledgeable post.

Hiiii respected @hebrew / Shabbat Shalom as usual glad to see your weekly blog here. In which the full study of Alef-Beyt is on line for better understanding of the lessons. For beginners to teach letters, vowels, and reading. Your effforts and passion for the promotion and awareness of this ancient language is awesome and the way of teaching is really unique.
This is very effective line I copied from your blog you shared.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

המשאלות הטובות ביותר שלי תמיד בשבילך, לטפל ולהישאר מבורך.

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable article.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

Hello @hebrew
I am thanking you for this great job you are putting forward to us. With your posts i have learned some words and i am now able to speak them or understand them.
I read your every post and i learned these words...
Again thank you for your help.

This is a rare skill and i want to learn This language.your videos are awesome @hebrew.

Your great job highly appreciate from me. Today's reading lesson clearly teach from you and hearing very clever. Another description also more powerful. Thanks @hebrew.

This is my second lesson. After reading the previous post, we learned some words of this language. It was very much like that day. I got a new post again. It feels great today.
A little thanks for all things' and many good wishes.

This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language.
Thank you for submitting such an article.

Hebrew is such a great language!!!Thanks for sharing.
It is valuable and very useful ancient language.

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Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful information.

100% like and resteem.

I hope you feel inspired to do a post someday on current Hebrew slang that derives from ancient Hebrew scriptures... if there are any examples.

Love your blog. <3


I am not able to go there yet. My exposure to modern Hebrew is limited at this time. But you will see idiomatic phrases that came from scriptures as we go on reading (both English and Hebrew).

This's great! האם אתה מורה?

Once again another awesome episode of hebrew lessons.

ha'yim meaning life - Thank you so much @hebrew

The first was for eating, the second for life, and the third for knowledge. Only one was specified as edible.

Much stronger combination there. I really prefer to read and listen those phrases. Extremely best regarding lesson about ancient ivrit language.


Shabbat Shalom.

Hebrew is an interesting language. I learn hebrew language from your post @hebrew sir

El idioma nos enriquece, cada lección nos llena de nuevos conocimientos. Nuestras escrituras hablan solo debemos saber interpretarlas.

Something extraordinary And it really is about turning the life of a person.

Many for food
One for life
One for knowing good and evil.

By the Way, thanks a lot for another beautiful post.

This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language.
Thank you for great writing experience.

A wonderful review, my friend and your explanation of Being in Hebrew gives us an excellent understanding of this wise and ancient language, which is rightfully considered one of the sacred languages. With the help of your video, awareness becomes even brighter! Thank you @hebrew

You are a great scientist.good teacher for your followers.

I'm pretty happy to see your hard language lesson's video @hebrew. I'm listening and watching video you uploaded here. Best teaching by you. Thanks and god bless you.

your hard work is always appreciated !

a new language does indeed takes time. While liked the video and will work on it.

Liked today's topic and especially this line

it is not good for man to be alone

thanks for the explanation !


There is another. God will provide.

אני מאזין וצופה בסרטון שהעלית כאן. הסבר מצוין על בראשית 2: 7-10. סגנון ההוראה שלך מעריך אותי. שלך מורה טוב מאוד

Shabbat Shalom.... Genesis 2:7 .... the moment of our “Formation” (Yetzirah) .... such an important discovery when reading the Original Hebrew.

@hebrew - Sir it's a bless that we found you as a teacher on Steemit... You made this lesson very interesting & good video of reading Sir... Specially pronunciations... Thank you Sir... God bless your effort...


@hebrew sir i read your every weekly dtube hebrew language article. Your writting about hebrew language is excellent. I regularly practice hebrew language.
@upvote done dear

I am teacher by profession. I regularly teach my student about hebrew language.i give my example about you to my student.thank you @hebrew sir for your valuable post


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Genesis ends with Israel in Egypt, ready for the coming of Moses and the Exodus. The narrative is punctuated by a series of covenants with God, successively narrowing in scope from all mankind (the covenant with Noah) to a special relationship with one people alone (Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob).

peculiarity of this verb is that it is always used with God as its subject, meaning that only God can "bara"; it is the characteristic verb for God's creative activity in Genesis 1.

steemit image.jpgimages-8.jpg
Thanks @hebrew sir for sharing this post. 🤗💙

  ·  4년 전

We all can be good students/listeners, but it's hard to find good teachers who can make lessons interesting to read, listen & follow. This community got one of that kind of teacher. It's you. Nice & very interesting lesson which teach us Genesis 2:7-10. Shabbat Shalom

Teaching is not easy, but you do, every week you do, you teach us new great lesson. Then you made a helpful video which also teach us reading. Thank you & best of luck.

Love the way you explain sir the @dtube videos are creating a great impact on me,thanks for your classes.

Human body made with five things dust, water, air, fire and sky . Shabbat shalom

Hello @hebrew,

Extraordinary good weekly lesson & video. Teach in deeply with good examples. Incredible effort & shabbat shalom.


You explained it very well and the comments too gave a good insights on today's lesson thanks for sharing

Thank you for coming back with another interesting and knowledgeable lecture sir.
i'm upvoting and resteeming your post.

Very well we are again in a new class in Hebrew, and a new verse, ADAM AND EVE,
The formation understanding step by step, God made a breath for the creation of the man well because I do not believe the woman also
It is said there had blown the breath of ha'yim (life - plural) is there reflected the answer
In Hebrew the im ending is plural, so it did not need to create the woman since in the man she had created both, but in a single body then there is where eva comes from, excellent I love I am learning little by little I really like these classes little by little we will be experts thanks to @hebrew we will never stop being grateful for his work

In which the full study of @AlefBeyt is online for higher understanding of the training. For beginners to teach letters, vowels, and studying. Your effforts and ardour for the merchandising and focus of this historical language is remarkable and the way of @coaching is definitely particular.


Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
your good work and great work

nice to see you back brother this is great initiative love to see your effort brother.

@hebrew welcome back with another amazing d-tube lecture of #hebrew language. I love the way you explains everything, and i love the consistency you have of posting every week, no matter how crypto goes. now a days crypto market is not doing good and many whales have stopped using steemit, but you are there with your wonderful lectures. thank you so much,

Another great lesson from @hebrew
Very appreciated.

I found a new post about man and his life, birth, death, Creator and many others. I learned a lot of new words, and I mastered it.
There are many things to learn. There is no end to learning. Regularly learning something new from your posts. Your classes are fascinating to me every day even today, it's no exception.

Your hard work is really appreciable and you are doing amazing job.
keep creating these wonderful lectures for hebrew language.

I'm sharing this wonderful lecture with my followers by resteeming this post.

It is fun and keeps deepening. Thank you for the wonderful teaching.


It is fun and keeps
Deepening. Thank you for the
Wonderful teaching.

                 - roman-sabil

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one of the world oldest language you brought into steemit & started your teaching by using all forms of steem dapps. excellent article & interesting. thank you & shabbat shalom @hebrew

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This post is truly educative. You like us as a teacher. Your posts are awesome.

Wonderful Hebrew Lagrange experience. great teacher. thanks for the information.

You are highly talented and you are helping a lot of them,this is really a tough language to master.

DTube Video are awesome sir,thanks a lot for helping us out.

Learning something new will helps me a lot specially you are doing a great job.

It's good topic, never be easily understand . Its need time . Shabbat shalom

The language of ivrit are really amazing sir,thanks for sharing dtube videos.

Always love seeing you videos sir,thanks a lot for your love and support.

There was no need to breath life in women , not understand this line .
Shabbat shalom


When we read up to the part when God creates the woman, you will see that she came out of the side of the man and already was living. There was no need to add a soul (the breath of life) to her.

Glad to see you again sir your videos are really amazing,thanks a lot for sharing and making us to learn this language.

Your blogs are so amazing i am so glad to be with you,this will be amazing journey sir.

Thank you so much sir,i am just waiting for your videos.

I always appreciate your work. You are our teacher. Love You. Hopefully, in future, more interesting tutorials come from you.
Thank You.

wonderful post. great work very heard but hebrew language is the best language i love hebrew language . thanks for @hebrew

Great to see your post back after a long dear so good to learn from it :)

Your explanation is so cool,love the videos thanks for sharing @hebrew.

Hello @hebrew your videos are awesome thanks a lot for sharing and have a great day,see you soon.

Love this blog. Now I am very much inspired to know this language and dtube is a very convenient way to learn faster than ever. God bless you.

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Excelente @hebreo cada semana me impresiona mas, sus conocimientos de esta lengua, gracias por compartir.

That is amazing that someone teaching a language like a teacher. Someone teaching by writing about the language but the d tube video gone up through my head.
Thanks anyway. I am reading your articles constantly and it's an amazing touch from you. Carry on bro

Very good story. @hebrew

Hebrew is an outstanding extraordinary language
I am so happy to see great post by dear @hebrew sir. I am a regular students of hebrew language learning class.
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My favorite @hebrew language teacher is here with another great lesson

Dear @hebrew sir you have done a very good job by sharing hebrew language with us.
Go bless you dear.
Love you @hebrew sir

Always admired this mysterious and ancient language. I really love your lessons and everything is clear and interesting. Thank you for message .

Great lesson as always!
was eagerly waiting for it!

Really great post about @hebrew
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I am always with you dear @hebrew

You are a great teacher for your religion.thanks

New lesson for us. Thank You Dear.Waiting for next. @hebrew

Hi Sir Hebrew, it's so good to read your post once again.
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I really enjoyed this @hebrew was able to learn some words. Also did appreciate the effort you put into this wonderful content. Upvoted and restreem 👏👏

My favorite @hebrew language teacher is here with another great lesson

Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
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Great work in dtube sir.
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Hebrew is a great language.You are a good expert on Hebrew language and you have gained knowledge about the Greatness of Heaven. How you constantly talk about Hebrew is really worth appreciating.In fact, you are accurately represented every letter and alphabet of the Hebrew language and they are acquiring knowledge with more than 100 interests, I believe that if Hebrew is going on this way, Hebrew will soon be in a better language and in a current language.

It is so interesting that in Gen 1:27 we read that Elohim “Creates” man (Adam) on the 6th day and then in Gen2:7 , on the 8th day, the day after Shabbat, that YHVH “Forms” man (Adam) by breathing life into him.


Many things are repeated throughout the Tahakh, once for when in relation to other events and the second to emphasize and add more detail. Also note that the first time, "...created man, male and female he created them." We cannot put God in a box and pretend that he does things as we do.

He also created vegetation and later caused it to come forth and sprout. Your comment raises a constant that is seen through Exodus, Leviticus, and on, that being the repetition which is part of the writings in general. Good point.


Yes.... It also shows where the idea of an Elohist versus yhvhist writer comes from .....

Great post thank you.nice work sir.

@hebrew wow nice post and great article thank you

Wow great return of clases friend nice explaining thank you master of hebrew
learning introduction post...thanks for sharing...

informative post...i learn something new from your every post

Interesting language i will surely try to learn and its nice to meet some new people.

That's greatest learning point to study hebrew language. Your contents are so powerful. Everyone brings various language across your lesson.I really like the way you teach us word by word, i'm following you for a while now, you are the best sir.
Thank you for teaching us @hebrew.

Nice post sir, @hebrew ..great verses and such a nice painting ...both painting is very nice and telling emotion of the post is very greart and knowlage ful..its a very true wordd..i learn something good ..your post always open the our mind and giving great lesson of life..thanks sir and keep more update.

Thanks for the information of the Bible. the very helpful language.
such a good topic & wonderful dtube video'

Thise is indeed a very useful stuff. I can't believe that someone spare his time for Mankind without any curse. Now a days time is very important thing which can not be given anyone without any benefit. But you proved @hebrew that in this world there are few humans available who are doing this service for common people to facilitate the. Anyways always keep smiling and Stay Blessed!

"Wow it's another good important lessons! Really you are doing very hard work to teach this language. people are inspiring to learn from you and you are teaching very easily, that's great, i support you. I'm also learning from you and the previous posts that missed following also, thanks to share and another....

stay blessed@hebrew "

thanks for share this article & love your post

Since I follow you, I have been interested in these topics, it is a bit difficult for me to understand, but I assure you that with each publication I am learning something, you are a very good teacher. thanks for sharing your knowledge.Waiting for your next publication.

you are really doing great job sir. I always learn something new from your hebrew language post's.Your posts are very interesting especially for me .
thank you sir for making these post's for us :)Thank you for teaching us @hebrew.

It's very detailed explanation and understanding the genesis and interpretation is really getting easy with your blog and video are a good teacher for your religion.this is a valuable post.Thank you so much @hebrew sir....steem on and stay Blessed!....

Thanks for the next lesson, he allowed to know a lot about the Lice faith and the creation of man.

Awesome Dtube!

Thanks, Sir!

You are doing a great job sir,thanks a lot for sharing these videos.

Oh, last night I was exhausted waiting for online class, but luckily it's always online I love what you do @hebrew nipunca stop doing it you're the best this classes feed us every week
Love you @hebrew 😍


שבת שלום לכולם

Thanks @hebrew for sharing the post with all of us.

The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 2, DTube Video #3
Being Following you over the time and have learnt the past lesson in learning this Ancient language but never commented on your post but would like to say as this is the new beginning and you shared the Video on dtube this was very helpful to me you slowly read that which help me to learn visually and the pronunciation helped me really nicely
So thanking you for making a dedicated video on this and sharing your work with us i appreciate your hard work and wishing you all the best.

Thanks a lot again for sharing

Have a great day ahead


Shabbat Shalom

This is the Hebrew of Genesis the very beginning of the Bible. It is pronounced be-re-SHIYT ba-RA eh-lo-HIYM and is usually translated "In the beginning God created. The first word (reading right-to-left) is be-re-SHIYT. It is from the Hebrew root resh-aleph-shin, meaning "head, start, beginning," with the preposition bet on the front, meaning "in, on, at." So this word could be translated "in beginning" or "at start" or "at the head." The Hebrew name for the Jewish holiday Rosh HaShanah is from this same root, and means "head of the year" or "beginning of the year" -- Ha is the definite article "the" and Shanah is "year." The second word is ba-RA, meaning create, shape or fashion. It is from the Hebrew word bet-resh-aleph.
So a word-for-word translation might be "in-beginning created God

hebrew the the language from god......... good to know it

Dear @hebrew sir i am impress to see your activity. Your research about hebrew language is outstanding. Thank you @hebrew sir to present this language to us.
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Its an valuable article about hebrew language.hebrew is not only a language but also a bearer of history ... Thanks @hebrew

hebrew the language of bible as a book from god. so we all should now it

Hello D :) friend @ hebrew. Welcome back. You are a great scientist.good teacher for your followers. Really I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us "

Thank you @hebrew
You are doing a great job.
By your posts many people are able to learn this language especially me.
Thank you.

Hebrew is a great language.You are a good expert on Hebrew language and you have gained knowledge about the Greatness of Heaven. How you constantly talk about Hebrew is really worth appreciating.In fact, you are accurately represented every letter and alphabet of the Hebrew language and they are acquiring knowledge with more than 100 interests, I believe that if Hebrew is going on this way, Hebrew will soon be in a better language and in a current language.

Awesome dtube language category. Best language hebrew.thank you sir share with us

I like this video. good job friend.

Your videos are so informative and nice,@hebrew.Thanks for spending your valuable time for us.

Learning basics of irvit language your blogs are helping me a lot,specially dtube videos,Thanks @hebrew.

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This happens after the 7th day ? We see in Genesis 2:2 And God completed on the seventh day His work that He did, and He abstained on the seventh day from all His work that He did.

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awesome writing…you have a great writing experience

your blog is very good. and beautiful videos.

Think I need to add this to my bible studying. So beautifully done.

Interesting language. I think I'm already starting to understand something. Thank you very much for learning.
once again thanks for sharing your knowledge

You teach us hebrew language. You are bless from god,who help to learn us most important language.
Thank you @hebrew sir
@upvote done

hebrew is one of the most significant language in this world. so we all should know something about it. from your post many can know about it. thank for your great job

thanks master @hebrew

Genesis 2:7-10 its a part important of a culture , i learn to much

Shabbat Shalom


have you earned your free $ from byteball?

@hebrew hy sir as you reputation is 63 , you can earned 80 dollar for free, 40 dollar are cash able and 40 will be cash able after a year. if you want to know, reply me.

I am so very happy That your hard work is always appreciated !So thanks for and God is sua....

  ·  4년 전

very nice post sir i like post ....

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