The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Tav

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Like the Alphabet, The letters in Hebrew are called the Alef - Beyt and they are presented on my blog from bottom to the top so you can learn them order, then to read them right to left. You will see what the original "Bible" said and what the names meant as they went through the stories of old.

Here is Tav: Symbolizing a mark, sign or signature. The meaning of the letter (spelled out tav vav) is the word for "mark".

Tav is the last of twenty two letters in the alef-beyt - Yeshua said he was the first and the last.

It is a consonant . It is also the number 400, if we add the final forms (sofit letters), we have the complete numbering system. 1-9, 10-90, and 100-900.

Gamatria is the word used for numeric meaning in Hebrew, which has nothing to do with numerology because there is nothing to study really. Example: in American English, 911 used to mean "the number you call for a fire, robbery, or medical emergency." Now it means the same, but more people would think of the twin towers. Does anyone in America have to study those examples? No.

Likewise, most Israeli people think of Egypt and captivity when they hear 400 (tav). The writings also speak of 40 (mem) which is a period of testing (Yeshua in the wilderness) or waiting for the completion of X (the people of Israel wandering for 40 years, waiting for all those who took part in idolatry to have children and to die off). No demonic study here. Just history related to numbers.

Many who think it Hebrew see one numeric meaning multiplied by another. Example 40 x 10 = 400 ~ the 10 signifies "complete manifestation of ..."

In numbers, many have said that "vav vav vav is the number of the anti-mashiach" Actually those are "18"

In reality the original would be something like mem sofit, samech, and vav - or 600, 60 and 6.

The pronunciation is that of a "T" sound in English or Spanish

Where we are so far?


Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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By your great blogging you discuss and introduced all 22 letters of Hebrew and used pronunciation materials as well! Excellent work and appreciate your dedication to give us this enormous chance to learn this amazing language!



Absolutely the Best Blog on Steemit !

I'm here every Shabbat now to learn more. Shabbat Shalom @hebrew

Wow this post looks very professional. Very cool that you are teaching on steemit


Cool and eunique! :) one of the best curator and blogger




Day By Day Learning from's clear that you are a good teacher as like as well smart always share with us some unique things which is really appreciatable. @hebrew


אמרת טוב.
אדוני הטוב עושים את העבודה הטובה ביותר על הגבעול.
תודה @ sbrew


עבודה נהדרת על השפה העברית.


I appreciate your comments


Yeah that cool @hebrew thanks for tech us and share with us

Thanks for the information of the Bible. the useful language.]]]]]]]]]]]]]
The ancient language of ( עברית ) - Tav ) - Shin in great topic.for sharing.


awsome as always!!!


you are right bro hebrew is always great

Hello @hebrew,

Extraordinary good lesson & tav described well. Incredible post & thank you.


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All letters are visible now, you covered all. Congratulations & valuable blog to all Steemians. Today lesson Tav learn well.

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Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
For your post propagation.

Awesome Lesson on the last letter Tav. We have studied Aleph-Tav .... from the 1st to the Last. The Alpha and Omega ..... "Et"

Interesting how the original Tav resembles a cross... Great Lesson. UpVoted. Now that we are at the End we can begin. Resteemed to all my Followers.


Thank you @hebrew Ready for the next Lesson.

Briiliant post ...loved your religious faith and also your information abot bible..thanks for sharing it with us..


Ancient language learn well. I'm a lucky follower of yours. Thank you~

hello sir @hebrew ,,, how are you ?
wow excellent new lesson, i am slowly learning hebrew and i enjoy learning my friend @hebrew
i will's a good lesson for all the people..that's why they can learn diffrent type of letter day by day...
Hope next we will see another lesson soon..
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I wonder if the Tav is connected to the Tao? Great lesson!

i love this language, you are great @hebrew...

Amen .... the Aleph and the Tav in the 1st words of the Torah. BRaShiTh bara Elohim "et" Ha Shamayim ...... In beginning Created God (aleph-tav) the Heavens.


nice work sir



Thank you so much @hebrew ..... Now that we have Studied Letters Aleph to Tav.... we are Finally ready to study the "Truth" hidden in the pages of the Torah.

Yes, the TRUTH is hidden in the letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, in the Torah and above all .... the Word of Yeshua.


Amen @daisyphotography ..... Truth.

Shabbat Shalom! Thank you for sharing this post. I am teaching our children Biblical Hebrew this year for their Bible and it's been so neat watching them learn so quickly. I love the "aleph-tav" of the beginning and the end study. TRUTH is the beginning, middle and the end. When Yeshua said He was the "beginning and the end," He was stating He is the SIGN or the SEAL. I just love learning Hebrew. It makes the Word come alive!


Thank you. That is a very sincere comment - I love it when people are real with me here. It's refreshing. I share all of your sentiments :)

According to what I know, The ת Tav represents a mark, stamp, or seal. For example, in ancient times, would someone wrote a letter they would seal it with wax; an official document would receive an impression, a stamp, a seal in that wax; this is what the letter Tav represents.

The Tav means “cross,” and is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is numbered 300 in the Greek and 400 in the Hebrew numerical alphabet. The tau corresponds astrologically with the planet Saturn and the concept of finality. The mark was associated with the absolution of sin and may have been the original “mark of Cain” of the Old Testament. In the Hebrew kabbala, the Tav represents the completion of creation and is an emblem of infinity. In the visions of Ezekiel, it is the sign etched on the foreheads of priests and initiates. The Greek Tau is associated with the letter Theta, an emblem of death originally symbolized by a cross in a circle or a skull. :)

Thanks for sharing your wisdom @hebrew :)


You Are Doing Awesome @hebrew

Thank you for this lesson.
We can definitely read now.

That's tough task language, but your giving to easy tutorials to learn for beginners. Thanks for effort @hebrew. I appreciate your support to us.




Thank you so much @hebrew for sharing this post.☺

amazing words wonderful language great post i like all of your hebrew conversions upvoted and resteemed

wow excellent new lesson, i am slowly learning hebrew and i enjoy learning my friend @hebrew
i will's a good lesson for all the people..that's why they can learn diffrent type of letter day by day...
Hope next we will see another lesson soon..

awesome post bro like to read your post 😊😊

intresting language like to read thanks for share.😃

informative n helpful post i love to read this language 😊😊😊

Hi hebrew i'm tryingto get your bible now.Thanks for your helpful post.
I'm so happy to see your post .
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this is great information..

i learn this language from you, thanks for this information, it's so helpful...

wow ancient language i love this to read miss your post.😊

Great post.contains basic and easy info .in arabic also they have alif beyt as letters i think. Thanks for the post and the hard work.

wow sir your post is too helpful.I like your language skills.I'm also trying to get your Bible.i also listen your previous post's Dsounds. That was awesome

I would love to learn hebrew language which is really interesting and famous...thanks for sharing I learn more from you..
May god bless you to do good work 😊

You did not share a time. People who share information like you need to share more often. Thank you very much for this beautiful sharing. We want to see more often... @hebrew
You deserve the greatest vote.


And I think I'm going to find out

Great post learn more from you about hebrew language...keep it up

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Hello MY Dear Fiend @hebrew

i salute your extraordinary performance in hebrew language.
just i told,hebrew language statement is the very very great and lovely.

Hebrew Notable features
Writing system type: Abjad
Writing Direction: horizontal line left to right
Number of letters: 22 consonants, theoretical ultimate characters and diacritics
Used to write: Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Ladino, Jesus and many other Jewish languages.
Some letters (kaffe, mem, salt, fee and treble) are a final form (sofit), which is used when the word ends.
In Hebrew there is no separate number, instead the standard Western numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) are commonly used. However in some situations, Hebrew letters are used to represent numbers. For example, on weekdays, for graduate dates in Hebrew calendars and schools. The numeric values ​​of the letters are shown below.
Alef, vav, and yod short vowels that can be indicated by long vowel letters are generally not identified, except for books, poems and books for children and foreign students.

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absolutely interesting language.i learn this language from friend @hebrew.
thanks to you friend @daisyphotography and loving to friend @hebrew.

Wow, looks good article

That would be awesome lesson in Ivrit language. This time introduce Tav. Nice writing lesson and better to how to pronunciation.
Thank you for your guidance @hebrew.




Hello @hebrew,

you realy do a great work for the awareness and development of the historical language "hebrew" here on this amazing plateform. your way of teaching is much impressive and interesting, many people here on Steemit now know about this language.

I really appriciate your Efforts, Stay Blessed. My Support for you as UpVoted

Very good information of Ivrit lessons. You gave massive teache to your steemit students. Thanks for the excellent educational post. I salute you...


Great post and informative!

הפוסט שלך מעניין אותי בשפה העברית. @hebrew

Brilliant post...Gald to see this information about a religion..Loved you faith in religion it was great reading it...@hebrew

I see friends here are a lot of which can language lbrani, teach me to fast can understand him.

Thank you for this post. @hebrews I really want to study hebrews alphabet. I have been start studying hebrews alphabet thru my bible apps. Thank you again. - @lovysteem

i learning hebrew free of here if we want to learn a language hat is not taught at schools we have to pay even though we want to learn things sometimes we have to given up due to financial problems..but here i am learning hebrew free of charge..thank you very are a very generous one :)

@hebrew - Sir your outstanding knowledge in Hebrew & symbols are wonderful Sir... Today I learnt TAV well... Nice sharing of this mysterious ancient language Sir...


Great informative post @hebrew


Great as always! Keep posting these

WOw great post..Loved the information from this post...Thanks for sharing it ...@hebrew


I believe we made it through, Great job! I can’t wait to see the format you chose going forward!

Every symbol here has its own relevance and the understanding of it has been simplified by you in this tutorial and you are true teacher of this language I must say that.

may get some material from Internet but the kind of demonstration you have done here is really unparallel.

Thank you so much @hebrew.

Shabbat Shalom. A great lesson on Tav.... Now we can begin with the Beginning...... Breishith.

Wow great advice and very important ones. Thanks
i guess everyone should read this fine post so cool for everyone !!!

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It is about making you think from a different perspective..
It is about writing without any expectations of UPVOTES..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

the ancient hebrew we learn from your outstanding blogging. tav, the 400 you described well. impressive post @hebrew

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what a creativity!!

Speaking of Aleph and Tav and Alpha and Omega could you help with this Mosaic found in Israel... it shows a Cross with what I thought was a Greek Alpha and Omega but it almost looks like a Hebrew Shin to me.... what do you think ?

Can you go over "Echad" אֶחָד ?

Now we can begin the Torah ....

This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language.
Thank you for submitting such an article.
In the future, I expect another valuable letter.Also, you received very valuable comments from your article.


Again - thanks for making my knowledge wider - especially with the גמטריה part!
A little gem for the comment readers:
G-d says the people of Israel will be enslaved in Egypt 400 years - but according to calculations - they was enslaved only 210 years - how can it be?! there is a less known but an interesting answer - their time in Egypt was so hard -that it was considered like 400 years!
And a Gamatria fact - 210 is רדו in Gamatria, and the meaning of this word is "enslaved" in Hebrew - interesting, isn't it?!

thank you @hebrew !


Accidentally forgot to upvote! corrected, sorry @hebrew !

The Zohar states: “the Tav makes an impression on the Ancient of Days.” “The Ancient of Days” refers to the sublime pleasure innate within the “crown” (Will) of Divine Emanation. The letter tav (here referring to the “Kingdom of the Infinite One, Blessed be He”) leaves its impression on the “Ancient of Days.” The impression is the secret of simple faith in God’s ultimate omnipresence the Infinite present in the finite, for “there is none like unto Him” .

This faith passes in inheritance from generation to generation, from world to world, the malchut (“kingdom”) of the higher world linked to the keter (“crown”) of the lower world. The tav, the final letter of the alef-beit, corresponds to malchut (“kingdom”), the final Divine power, in the secret of “Your Kingdom is the Kingdom of all worlds.” The impression of the tav is the secret of the power that links worlds – generations – together.



Thank you so much @hebrew for making these huge efforts to make an awesome awareness regarding this Great Language.

I am student of Cultural Study and it is my most favourite hobby to learn different languages around the world.

Hebrew ( Abraani) language is one among my most favourite langauges in the world. There are so many writes and Poets who translated much of hebrew work into Urdu Language.

Yes i am a Teacher by profession but Poetry is like a pray for me.

Thank you so so much for this valueable blog in which you always try to give lot of new things regarding Hebrew Language.
It is also a mean of pleasure for me to learn this amazing language with your coordination.

Yes i am convinced that you are Promoting this beautiful language to best of your knowldge for which you deserve Massive Respect

I am really looking forward to learn this amazing language from you @hebrew

My support and best wishes are always with you

More strength to you for this act of deed My Friend.

Stay blessed, Steem On

From today onwards I will call you sir, because you are my teacher here in steemit as far as this ancient language is concerned and I will be bookmarking all these tutorials.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

Tav / 400 is very interesting.....

Number of years from David to the exile.

The captivity of the Hebrews in Egypt had to last 400 years. But thanks to the merits of Isaac and Joseph, this time of slavery was shortened of 190 years.

It is the number of year that will survive the just before the advent of the Messiah, the resurrection and the general judgement, according to one of the seven visions of the second book of Ezra in the writings of the library of Qumran.

One year in the Mayas lasted 400 days.

In each cycle of 400 years of the Gregorian calendar, the 13 of the month coinciding with Friday arrives more often than any other day of the week.

In mathematics, there are 400 grades in a circle.


The number 400 is used 22 times in the Bible.

Shabbat Shalom. Can't wait for the next Lesson Tonight .... At Sundown ? New York Time ?

A very interesting post, my friend and Tav's letter, as you correctly noted the last letter in the alphabet. It was interesting to understand the meaning of the letter Tav and I know that Tav is actually a stamp and a seal of all the previous letters. It has nothing of its own (Dalet) and completes the nine letters - "vessels", beginning with the letter Nun. In the spiritual ministry of the soul, the two constituent parts of the letters Tav, Dalet and Nun represent selflessness and humility. Tav is the mystery of the transmigration of souls, the imprint of former lives in the present life of man. Thank you @hebrew for your article and educate us about the ancient language - Hebrew!

congratulation!!! All Alef - Beyt are completed :)

Hebrew is full of secrets...

a good and learning hebrew language

helpfull post sir i want to learn hebrew language...

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amazing post..i like it sir..

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That's a great teaching. I am going to share slightly different perspective regarding Tav.

At the end of any cycle of evolution, our Consciousness receives a ת Tav, a mark. When we complete the period of time we are allotted in a human organism, we receive a Tav. When we complete a Manvantara or a Mahamanvantara, we receive a Tav, a summation of our every action, our every movement. That summary is what propels us to the next stage. Humanity, in the many cycles through which it passes, receives mark after mark as we pass from age to age, from stage to stage.
In addition, every cosmic Initiation is a ת Tav. When our Innermost receives an initiation, it receives a Tav, a mark.
But the ultimate Tav, the final, greatest ת Tav, is written of in the Book of Revelation: it is that final ultimate synthesis of every movement of every action that we have ever performed in all of our existences. It is this Tav that we must be concerned about because it is this Tav that propels us to our ultimate destiny. ☺

i like hebrew language.. leaning and helpfull post.

למדתי הרבה דברים מהשפה העברית.



Nice post...Very good words are written here...Thanks for sharing your faith in religion and information too...@hebrew

I've learnt Alef Beyt and last letter Tav. I also learned that they are 22 in number. Many are similar to the alphabet in my mother tongue that I learnt when I was a kid. For example, sin, shin, laam noon...very similar sounds but they are different when it comes to writing and that's the most difficult part. Since I love music so I kept searching for ways to solve this problem. My problem solving helped me get this solution :)

I'm 4 years old again. Thanks @hebrew. :)

Steem On!

Great and amazing post @hebrew!!


Thanks @hebrew for sharing this post.😊 💙

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@hebrew thanks for information. it was a very informative article.

Tav good one soon it will be finish and we learn all great going love to learn ancient language like hebrew...

Informative and well-written post. I have learnt something useful from it. Thank you

The universal notion of number gains in various linguistic cultures
specific background meanings and connotations. In Orthodox Scripture, there are two categories of numbers - historical and symbolic. The first category reflects the facts of the past, and the second carries the theological load
Moreover, the historical and theological data may coincide, and may not coincide in the same number. In any case, it is very interesting, thanks for the post, touched on the favorite topic.

I would like to join your Hebrew language class. @hebrew

great and profesional class of hebrew thanks you

This is why I love steemit, discovering something new to learn everyday. :)
Anyway, I can't help but notice but isn't ivrit some kind of fire spirit in middle eastern mythology? Is there any correlation with these language and that ivrit?


Ivrit means Hebrew.

I have ever seen talented tutorials updated by @hebrew.

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ancient language of ivirit tav awesome one bro thanks for share .

Good lesson..i learn so much to you.Thanks for your teaching us ....i like your post so much and follow all time..

Go ahead Sir!!!



super and helpfull it sir..

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i salute your extraordinary performance in hebrew language.
informative and helpful post.
i love this language.i think,,, you are great @hebrew...

a nice lesson sit thank you

posts that are full of history,

this preety cool to know. thanks

Hebrew is a very interesting language. The first punch was very complicated. I understood that I was afraid of you as I followed your block. Now I can read Hebrew. I want more examples and exercises. so I will learn more quickly. I hope I can read it in Hebrew like you. many thanks @hebrew

Hebrew language is a little bit hard but your techniques make it easy. @hebrew

עכשיו אני יכול לכתוב קצת עברית. @hebrew

thanks for info very nice post @hebrew

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I cherish this dialect, you are awesome @hebrew

@herbew...bro really a very nice post...greate and awesome lesson..i love the language..thank you for sharing with us bro... have a nice day...

language used to be a lot hard to understand, but I see you are so easy to explain it.

If you are a good lesson, I should learn this language

I began to understand a little, a lesson difficult for me.

Such a wonderful post buddy. Ancient Language sound very good :)

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the way you teach us is very good, I am sure you are a professional teacher, nice post.

Learn hebrew speak hebrew !


It is really nice to see such teachings. Today I learned something new with this article.Thank you for this tutorial. 🙇🙏

Recently my pastor has been talking about the word 'hesed'. He had spoken about it as great grace, glory etc. Hebrew words has many meaning that English is unable to fully express within a word. It is a rich language with rich expression.

i am excited your next hebrew conversion and awesome Lesson on the last letter Tav.
its always nice to learn something new with other steemians.
have a nice day.
stay blessed.

posting professional, I will follow him.

This is helpful app


Nice post,I have learned many lessons from your post.thank.

I want leran this alphabetU5dswaQKLL195K7dvd9NxwCkU3J56yb_1680x8400.jpg

lessons short, but very clear, thank you teacher.

@hebrew פוסט נחמד

Your teaching techniques of Hebrew language is so professional. Keep posting bro. @hebrew

@hebrew tnx for your Hebrew language guidelines. Keep makes me interest in Hebrew language.

זה אח נחמד לכתוב.

You always display something good,
post many lessons,
thanks @hebrew

What an brilliant post..loved your information about languages and faith in it ..Glad to see this information..@hebrew

i got knowledge about this language and i am going to download videos for the purpose of learning of this language

Wow this is the one of the ancient languages existed on earth.And here I am learning it thanks to you.Thank you very much for sharing this great knowledge with us.Not all people who know these kind of things do not want to share that with others.But here you are.Keep up your good attitude

Thanks a lot for teaching us Tav :)
this was brilliant to learn

the way you share knowledge is very good, thank you for sharing knowledge.

thank you sir for nice learning

important lesson reall... like it

hey sir @hebrew
wow great new lesson, i'm slowly getting to know hebrew and that i experience studying my pal @hebrew
i'm able to is a terrific lesson for all the human beings..this is why they can study diffrent type of letter each day...
desire subsequent we will see another lesson soon..

great post..Loved your amazing words and your amazing post...It is great that you ahve this faith in religion...thanks for sharing it with us ..@hebrew

I believe Psalm 119 is the only section in Scripture that starts with an Alef and ends with a Tav.

As shown here:

Many believe Yeshua was saying in essence, that he is Psalm 119.

hebrew language is not an easy one. But by the help of your great efforts @hebrew some people including me are learning the basic words. I hope in near future this language will be bit common here. Keep it up and all the best!

beautyful languaje hebrew inpired by GOD

Great is very interesting that a letter can have so many use cases depending of the situation!!!

again a nice post tnx for sir

The Hebrew alphabet, these are the letters of wisdom!

amazing word I like hebrew language great post thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

nice post for understand language.

first of all thank you so much....sir for sharing hebrew language last updated tav....
it seems to me glad to see your post...
you are great sir...

your updated lesson gives us oppurtunity to learn gradually....

your previous lesson i have read up to bottom... i am trying to learn......

your last letter's were Shin, resh, quph,tsade,pey,ayin,samech,lamed and many topic.....

and by this blog you have completed your 300 blog. that is amazing.
i think you will get great reward by this blog hopefully..

god bless you..


You do an excellent job at teaching, great job @hebrew !

Wow this post looks very professional. Very cool that you are teaching on steemit @hebrew

Very nice ..i like to learning with you.i have to say you are very good teacher and good person who giving us great information.

this post looks exceptionally proficient. Exceptionally cool that you are instructing on steemit

Keep up the good work! I hope to see more posts like this in the future ;)

Its really great work @hebrew
Its not easy understand language but searching on google its can learnt.

Thanks for update nice blog

המכתב הוא אחד מששת המכתבים שיכולים לקבל דאג 'קל דיאקריטי; האחרים מתערב, ג ​​', דאלט, קאף ו pe. בית, קאף ו pe יש את ערכי הקול שלהם השתנה בעברית המודרנית מן fricative כדי plosive, על ידי הוספת dagesh. בעברית המודרנית, שלושת האחרים אינם משנים את ההגייה שלהם עם או בלי dagesh, אבל יש להם ביטוי חלופי בזמנים ובמקומות אחרים.

בהגייה האשכנזית המסורתית, tav מייצג / s / ללא dagesh ויש לו את הטופס החמקמק כאשר יש לו את dagesh. בין תימן לבין כמה אזורים ספרדיים, tav ללא דגש מייצג פריקטי שיניים חסרי קול / θ / - הגהה על ידי עבודה Sathath Emeth כמו אותנטי לחלוטין, ואילו tav עם dagesh הוא plosive / t /. בהגייה איטלקית מסורתית, tav ללא dagesh לפעמים / s /.

ב גימטריה, tav מייצג את המספר 400, המספר הגדול ביותר שניתן לייצג ללא שימוש הסופי סופי (טפסים) הסופי (ראה kaph, mem, נזירה, pe, ו tzade).

בייצוג שמות משפות זרות, ניתן גם להציב geresh או chupchik אחרי התו (ת), מה שהופך אותו לייצג / θ /.

sir actually your teaching style awesome...just mind blowing
after few days later you create a blog for us..
and like me , a lot of people they learn from your post ...
it's so easy to learn hebrew language..................
sir i won't give you thank you,,

just salute sir

resteem your post sir

שיעור נוסף על האות האחרונה Tav
אדוני, הנושא של היום הוא מאוד נחמד, שפה שימושית.
אתה מורה נהדר לשפה העברית,
אנחנו יודעים הרבה בשבילך היום,
אני מכבד אותך מהלב,

הצביעו והושבו

Brilliant post...Loved the information and it was great reading this post as it is so interesting and very nice..@hebrew

brilliant new lesson, I am gradually learning hebrew and I appreciate taking in my companion @hebrew

I will's a decent lesson for all the people..that's the reason they can learn diffrent kind of letter step by step...

Expectation next we will see another lesson soon..

Teaching help us post.
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Good language @hebrew

very good lessons, you teach with professionals, I am sure everything here must understand it.

many arabic words are derived from hebrew,which proves that the jews lived long with the arabs,and that our two language are too close,,,,,so we all are brother ,,,,,arab and hebrew........

so loved post for me.... @hebrew ,,,,may God bless you....

Great lesson and important language.contains "tav" and they are presented is valuable.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day

Very good lesson on irvit language .
Thanks dear Hebrew.
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Great lesson on irvit word tav,
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Very nicely done @hebrew. You put in a lot into these posts and it's appreciated from us :)

Dear @hebrew Sir Need Your help

Best series of posts on Steemit so far, in my humble opinion. Thanks.

Very nice post I like it, and I will share it.
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very useful language to learn and understand and its all possible to learn just because of you @hebrew

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טוב מאוד פוסט חינוך, תודה לך תמיד עבור שיתוף טוב לשתף אותנו

Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language native to Israel. It is commonly used in Israel. I never ever visited there but I heard about this language. This is historical language and bit tough to learn. But after reading your stuff hopefully I will learn basics of Hebrew. Thanks for sharing wonderful stuff here @Hebrew.

Hebrew is written from right to left in horizontal lines.
Some letters (kaf, mem, nun, fe and tzadi) have a final form (sofit), which is used when they appear at the end of a word, these are shown in the table below the normal form.
There are no separate numerals in Hebrew, instead standard western numerals (1, 2, 3, etc) are used. Some letters have numerical values.
Long vowels can be indicated by the letters alef , vav , and yod . Short vowels are not usually marked, except in the Bible, poetry and books for children and foreign learners.
The Hebrew alphabet consists of the following letters:
Alef Bet/Vet Gimel Dalet He Vav Zayin Het Tet Yod Kaf/Chaf
א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ
amed Mem Nun Samech Ayin Pe/Fe Tsadi Qof Resh Shin/Sin Tav
ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת
ם ן ף ץ

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