grand rsi trading strategy

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grand rsi trading strategy
when to buy , when to sell


look at these beautiful buy opportunities.

first of all this is "no pain , no gain strategy" if it doesnt fit you , dont do it :d

why do we lose money when we trade ? because we are greedy. we buy when it is fomo , we sell when it is fud. it must be the reverse of it.

if you follow this strategy which automatically disciplines you, you will be probably more succesfull.

the basis is , cryptocurrency market gives you more buy opportunities than sell opportunities, this means , when you buy , you think you bought at dip but it is not. to overcome this situation. you should not buy all your investment at once.

how do we do it ? you must get the average of deep of prices through weeks.

basis of this strategy is , bitcoin must be on bull market.
you must choose 5 altcoin to trade mostly , you trust most.

your portfolio should be like ;
33% bitcoin, 33% altcoins, 33 % tether or fiat.
try to stand like this, first. get rid of excess of those altcoins when u r on profit.

you must divide your total portfolio to 1000 pieces.
if you trade with 10 btc, then all your actions should be 0,01 btc or less.

lets call this piece of monet as "a bit"
and all of our actions will be below 15 mins rsi[30] and above 15 mins rsi[60]

go to tradingview signal finder ;

then secondary filter ; choose exchange where you are trading on.

then use btc pair filter via search textbox ;

then add indicator rsi on your tradingview ;
set time frame 15 minutes

1 - when your tradingview shows a pair on the list.
go to that pair's chart, first check 4h time range, if it seems bullish.

2 - buy "a bit"
3 - wait 15 minutes
4 - if its still below rsi 30 and below the price you bought before buy "a bit" again
5- if it goes back to aboce rsi 30 then buy a bit more without waiting, but then you must wait 15 minutes more

when to sell ?
the reverse of buy strategy, set tradingview cryptocurrecy signal finder, above rsi 60 <--- yes it is 60.

what to do when we are out , stop your losses

set 70% of the amount of the altcoin, stop loss 10% below the current price

and place buy orders to 15% below price, 20% below current price and so on your call. distribute equally.

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