this is where it all began

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fact about life.

learning about life at the time you don't feel really welcome by the experience, its hard to face the truth but it's always cool when you feel the pain, accept life, accept your loved ones and never say never again.
living up on everything is not giving up on yourself, no matter how hard you try you still got funny..its like a man saying "life is worthless" when he got just one thing to do and that's saying "yes" to possibility.
things happen in places where its wanted or needed whether good or bad its all depends on choices
choices are based on things you knew & those you want to know. only an ignorant man would look at a match box and never know the importance, you can get all the experience you need from anywhere but not from everyone. too much honey is bad for you and so is trying to win too much praise. curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them, they are like birds that fly by and never settle. the greatest gift and greatest teacher of experience and life is family, they give you all the learning you got to know...the sad thing about family is if they are divided like every man, minding and doing their thing no time being there for themselves or wanting to care about the other the saying.. in every dozen there is always an enemy. sometimes think about that statement and see that in every family one person against all care about every one
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