Hi im stephanie and im new #introduceyourself

6개월 전

So, im creating this post because i want to introduce myself and also get the layout of how this works from my STEEMit peers, and yes ill keep it short just a good idea to stay alive in this wonderful new social platform"new to me" that i want to know everything about please all suggestions, opinions, and ideas are welcome.

Thank you,


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Hello new Stephanie. I've found the site Steemd.com to be quite helpful. It shows you your resource usage. Accounts with little STEEM POWER have very few resources.


@steemitblog is running a "100 Days of STEEM" promotion. They are giving out a decent amount of STEEM to people who participate in their contests.


Oh wow! thank you i will have to check that out :)

maybe you can consider adding tag: #introduceyourself


thank you i did that

Welcome Stephanie!


Hey their Hun, good to meet you :)