My Report for "Operation Mass Adoption" Contest by @steemonboarding

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Dear Steemian,

Greetings of the day to everyone.

This is my report for Operation Mass Adoption contest by @steemonboarding and I am part of Actifit Community.
This contest was started on Wednesday, May the 22th and ended on Wednesday, June 12th 2019. I have worked on this contest and I have onboarded 15 people to STEEM platform.

For the original contest announcement, rules and more information about it, click here

Here is the list of people whom I onboarded to steem-

Sr. NoSteem Account IDIntro Post
1-samartiwariIntroduction Post
2-ayushbittuIntroduction Post
3-kschitezIntroduction Post
4-shriram19Introduction Post
5-sinsandyIntroduction Post
6-akshaykhiladi12Introduction Post
7-pranavraj227Introduction Post
8-dubeyjiIntroduction Post
9-mukund123Introduction Post
10-pankaj77Introduction Post
11-prateek1986Introduction Post
12-nishantkumar0001Introduction Post
13-veshu30Introduction Post
14-chankyathoughtIntroduction Post
15-rakeshpaul0786Introduction Post

Working with this contest was fun and nice experience as I could onboard my friends and relatives who were completely new about STEEM platform but now they are much aware and learning more everyday. I explained them everything that I learnt within 11 months of my stay here. Though they will need some time to understand about it but I am happy that now I can discuss about steem with them. Earlier I never used to discuss with them because they were not aware so had NO interest.

I have worked as Partiko and Actifit mentor and so I understand that these new members are going to ask many questions about the platform and its functionalities but here things were completely different. I had to make them understand about basics of the Steem platform along with DApps like Steemit, Partiko, Actifit etc. Though it was challenging but it was fun doing it and an opportunity to learn various thing. Initially it was difficult to convince everyone to come onboard but I did not give up and kept trying so finally I brought these much of people in steem.

The people I onboarded are not tech savvy but they have zeal to learn. Now I am glad to see them working in steem. They ask various questions everyday but I am happy to answer because they don't repeat the questions and this is a sign that they are growing in terms of knowledge. I believe that asking so many questions is good thing provided repetition should not happen. If person have zeal to learn then nothing is impossible and I am pretty sure that these new people will add value to steem ecosystem.

Its an opportunity to help people and teach them about new things. I am watching everyone and I am impressed with the kind of enthusiasm they are showing to the platform. I will be the happiest person if they grow in future with steem because I am the one who introduced them to this wonder community. Few of them are still in learning phase but remainings are doing quite good work in steem.

I want to say a huge thanks to @steemonboarding and all the sponsors of this program for giving this amazing opportunity to bring more people and grow as a family together.

Thank you so much much for your time.

Have a great weekend.

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It is really amazing how we love this platform and how passionate we are. These people you onboarded will carry on our passion for steem blockchain and its developments as well.


Wow brother that's really nice that you brought so many new people on this beautiful platform, keep up the good work.

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Nice report. You deserve some accolades.


Thanks @ckole for appreciation.

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