What's Wrong??? Notification Not Working

2년 전

Hi Everyone,
It's nice to be here writing ànd sharing my thoughts with my fellow steemians.
I have been using partiko app for a while now to do most of my postings and follow up on the steem platform. I have noticed for some time now that my partiko app no longer gives me any notifications for new messages or replies to posts I am following or interested in. What could be the problem? Is this a general problem or just particular to me?

I am currently thinking of uninstalling the app and reinstalling a new one. But before I do, I want to know if it's a general problem or not.
By the way, I am using the Android version of partiko.
Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Have you went to your app store be it Google Play or Apple, and updated your partiko app recently? Sometimes they add updates and if you miss them it may stop certain things from working properly.

Just a thought not a guarantee fix😀 I loved my Partiko app but since I have so many apps on my phone the memory is full so I had to pick and choose which apps I would keep and which I could live without. And I can just come to Steemit from my browser sooo!!

Talk soon I hope you get it straightened out whatever it ends up being. @bit-trader (Howie)