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Help for my friend and below you have the whole situation described!!!

My name is Grzegorz. I am a 23-year-old boy and it would seem that there is a life ahead of me. However, it is a small but ... In November 2019, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease - Usher syndrome. This disease is characterized by loss of hearing and vision, and causes impaired speech and balance. I also suffer from anxiety and nervous disorders. I am under the constant care of specialists.
What is this disease that takes away your sight, hearing, speech, balance?

Usher's syndrome can be said to be a package containing profound congenital hearing loss from birth and visual impairment. First, twilight blindness from around the age of 13, with time narrowing of the visual field, leading to complete loss of vision, called retinal pigment degeneration. I am currently moving with a white cane. The disease has damaged the labyrinth and I'm starting to have problems with my balance. In addition, the nervous tic slows down and makes it difficult for me to speak.

What else can I expect from this disease? The worst case scenario is complete loss of hearing and speech after loss of vision. I am also afraid that as a result of labyrinth disorders I will stop moving on my own and my legs will be replaced by a wheelchair ...

How to live and function further?

The deterioration of my health came so suddenly and unexpectedly ... I did not have time to prepare myself for it, neither mentally nor financially ... The main reason for my deterioration in my health may have been due to my difficult childhood, because my older brothers and stepfather abused me. After a brutal beating, I found myself in the Nursing Center. This is a small abbreviation of what was ...

I finished school, moved out of the house and became independent. As it turned out, I only became independent for a while, and now I require care and support from others. I am renting an apartment that is for sale. Unfortunately, it is not adapted to the needs of a blind person and requires renovation. At the moment, I cannot afford to buy it.

Well hey, I don't know if you can add such links here, but I will help him and help him and time flies, the young boy is losing his eyesight. I have a daughter his age. I helped and you?


We see such views, but he may not see anything anymore. please help . the profile is plausible.

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