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For people, for people, for life, for life. It is human religion to cooperate side by side in times of danger. If a person extends a helping hand, one person is hungry for food at one time. For a while, it seems like I've done a good job in this beautiful world. A man dreams - then it is possible to find the essence of life. Because the source of earth's creation is (-) = (+).

It is not peace to suffer, but peace. It is not possible for humans to live alone on earth. Different needs help each other. There is joy and contentment in doing something for people. Which is different from everything else. People remember him who does something for people. A beautiful dream can be, to build a good relationship with people and realize the beauty of collaboration. To reach the side of humanity and extend the helping hand. It is important for people to come forward, regardless of religion, caste or creed. Dedicating ourselves to human service in general is a very dignified act in the eyes of religion and humanity. There can be many ways to help. Help can be given with food, with words, with counsel, with labor. People need to help people in times of crisis and danger. Otherwise, human birth will remain largely incomplete. Something needs to be done for humanity in the need of fullness and satisfaction of human life. Today, sadness is overwhelming in the mind.

"Oh man, you're human again."

Let us sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of the people. Raise a helping hand if one lives; If a man dreams of living, it may find the merits of our lives in happiness and happiness.

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Win human, win humanity.

Helping service

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
UTTARA, DHAKA (125264639) Branch
Md. Rasidul Islam
A / C No. 20502070204791706
Mobile No. +88 01831588383

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