Hemp tokenbb.io Launch!

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I am very proud and excited to announce the launch of https://hemp.tokenbb.io! :) This is a Steem based forum service exclusively for HEMP! We can post grow pictures, make token speculations and perhaps even buy and sell genetics! Soon I will make HEMP token stake-able and you will be able to actually post on https://hemp.tokenbb.io for steem AND HEMP tokens! Sweet huh?! Head on down to the bottom of this page to earn your first 20 HEMP blogging!! :) XD
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Hello World It's me again. @a1-shroom-spores! Hello all HEMP users. Welcome to tokenbb! You can log into Steem connect {here} and earn steem posting on this thread! So what are you waiting for!! Make a short Introduce yourself post here and ill upvote it! And...Ill give you 20 HEMP tokens on steem engine.

ENTER HERE - - > https://hemp.tokenbb.io < - - ENTER HERE

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Awesome! I am happy for the progress you are making in reaching your goal. Keep GROWING ! I look forward to staking and using HEMP to buy hemp products in the future.

Hello a1-shroom-spores!

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That's great. Congratulations on this initiation.

interface is very different