Out of Practice!

2년 전


Hello there Friends! How are you?

I have been taking a break from most of my art and focusing more on my family, homeschooling, gardening and our house renovations! However, I did book in a maternity henna session for this weekend so I did a quick henna practice to make sure that I still have a steady hand 😬

Definitely out of practice but I think I will be fine. Like riding a bike hey?! Hopefully...

I’m currently scouting Pinterest for colour palette ideas for some murals I plan to paint in the house as we renovate, and I’m also taking a nap while mr1 sleeps. With no internal kitchen cladding and basically living in a building site it’s a bit challenging to be home with the kids. I’ll take a rest whenever I can! Thankyou netflix 🙏😂

Have a beautiful weekend,

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Oh the joys of living in a building site! You've brought back memories of our kitchen reno. I currently have the contents of a bedroom in the living room while we finish Dec gretting that, but I've not been getting much done on it. Maybe I should book for the carpet to be installed, then that will force me to get on with things.

Hope you're well.

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Oh my, you certainly love a bit of turmoil. :D
I am glad to see you posting again. Fingers crossed that things settle down a bit for you.

Last year I had to endure six weeks without a kitchen floor or an oven because plumbers had to fix a leak in my shower, tilers had to replace the tiles, then when the floor was dry they could replace the floor and the oven. It was a nightmare, so I feel your pain.

I actually like the double floral theme of the photo. The temporary, single colour henna, against the permanent, coloured cushion underneath. Pixelated and analogue. On skin and for skin.