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I was reading an article today that made me think instantly of the film oblivion featuring tom cruise as part of a team duo “we are an effective team” mantra.

It’s this great laid back, wonderfully colour graded sci-fi flick that has all the hallmarks of tom cruise and his church of whateverdafuqology.

It’s also got a banging soundtrack which is fucking first class to work too if you should feel so inclined to get balls deep in css and other linear bullshit that consumes your brains because you need to be pixel perfect.

For those still clueless to what the fuck I’m on about here is a trailer to refresh your memory and if you have’nt seen it yet, get a bottle of rum, your finished Kush and pull up a seat while eating a chicken kebab. You’ll love it, don’t hold the mayo.

Anyway, aside from giving me visions of oblivion (and also a great handful of interstellar when they bring down a similar drone actually) it just took me straight back to the film because of what we are starting to see actual happen in real life! — Coastguard plans to add drones to air fleet

Drones people, actual drones.

I mean, if you think about it right, it makes a lot of sense, the old methods are expensive, kinda slow, cumbersome, don’t have great reach, durability, distance, up to date electronics. Makes sense to start having these patrolling our coastlines.

And this is now, imagine what’s coming, 24/7 around the clock, flying machines that autopilot, have AI scanning, looking for migrants, drug smugglers, people stranded or in trouble, maybe nuclear reactors onboard so they can fly for years, maybe electric driven for pure unadulterated quietness in the skies.

Protecting and Serving around the Clock! What could possibly go wrong with this ideal! Well if the interstellar movie was anything to go by it was the the ability to have someone nmap that sucker outta the sky and steal the nucleur core — ok ok, we are not there yet but hey, it’s fine to predict the news of the future.

Even the name puts us in terminator territory — The Hermes 900.

I don’t know about you but we get a bit more real life sci-fi everyday don’t we? Time to skill up on electronics and avionics boys, your gonna need to start building that land speeder!

p.s — remember the israeli guys have some of the best technology out there, imagine with german build quality, british rolls royce standards and pure american grunt, we could have some wonderful technology out there. It’s fucking SIM LIFE out there.

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