This one is well worth a look. Love low cap gems.

2년 전

Coin name: Hexx(HXX)
Exchange: Cryptopia
Current price: 0.00035905
Maximum supply: 9,999,999

HXX + Bitcoin Hard Drive = Bitcoin ZeroX (BZX)

Anonymous Steroid Bitcoin: Enter BitcoinZeroX (BZX)
By providing Zerocoin anonymity, HEXXCOIN will be used to extend the functionality of Bitcoin. Disagreement between HEXXCOIN and Bitcoin will occur in the third quarter of 2018, resulting in BitcoinZeroX (BZX)

BitcoinZeroX will grant Bitcoin and HEXXCOIN holders a 1:1 ratio. That is, you get 1 BZX for each HEXX or each BTC you own. In terms of anonymity, BitcoinZeroX will be better than Bitcoin private because it is based on the zerocoin protocol, not the ZK-snarks protocol explained above.

1 HXX:1 BTC = 1 BZX
BitcoinZeroX will also have masternodes and will publish their own projects with their own whitepapers, which will be released in due course.

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