Congratulations on HF21 going relatively smoothly so far and my first free downvotes.

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Congratulations on HF21 going relatively smoothly so far and my first free downvotes.

Banglatech makes a daily copy and paste post which gets zero engagement

He waits a few days before upvoting them and on day 6 uses the rest of the bots to upvote his posts again...

Here are the top 20 earners for the past 30 days by post payouts.

1 haejin $3,295.300
2 traf $1,592.953
3 majes.tytyty $1,501.903
4 gooddream $1,347.529
5 coldsiksu $1,347.268
6 angelinafx $1,283.506
7 deathcross $1,186.157
8 zer0hedge $1,176.016
9 steemcleaners $1,143.842
10 creativecrypto $1,020.695
11 jrcornel $998.198
12 ronaldoavelino $931.330
13 onepercentbetter $889.272
14 petrvl $841.375
15 banglatech $826.243
16 firepower $824.208
17 htliao $817.185
18 boosta $735.917
19 donekim $730.665
20 sigizzang $723.935
Top Authors By Payout (30 days)

Let's check it again in a couple of weeks to see if there are any changes.

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All right Hf21!

My first 100 % after HF 21 , but missed on the 5min mark 😉

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@adsup, And definitely Steem Blockchain recovered very quickly from the issues which occurred after the implementation of HF21. #Newsteem is moving ahead with high speed.

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