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Dear Voters, I am holding my breath while waiting to sign the HF20 Block! It is like Christmas feelings of butterflies all around the tummy :)


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yay! It is coming..

The site's been down for the last few hours. I tried logging on to busy and it mentioned HF20 being the reason.

So, it's active now?

A week ahead of schedule???

(I'm excited by this, my first HF)


hey @fyrstikken, @fyrst-wittness or @booster
There are several steemians including me who sent steem to booster not aware that you shut it down.
When will you refund? How can we contact you?

i need some help
Please upvote me please

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nice art......you are surfing magma
may we all surf through this as such

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Good luck!

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From which date exactly it will be effective. Like the 15 mins curation in post, is it already effective or if not then probably from which date it will come into force in steem blockchain.

super super super

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Chtistmas gifts only for good coders...and today steemit.inc got smacked!!!

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It's on!

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I'm following you, please follow me too, thank you!

@fyrstikken, @fyrst-witness, Brother great to know that you've upgraded your Witness System for the Hardfork 20. And really congratulations for this upgradation.

And we all are excited for this upgradation because, every update is an new phase and it gives the room for the new Ideas and Developments.

And literally speaking, the words which you mentioned in this post, reflecting one thing and that is, your true excitement and enthusiasm towards the live launch of Hardfork 20.

And let's hope that Steem Economy will be filled with the Productive Initiatives and Opportunities and will run towards the Expansion and Growth.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂