This Is Just A Ramble -- You MIght Find Useful Information -- or Not


About once a week, I’ve been doing a random ramble about anything I feel like. I was pretty much targeting doing them on the weekend but right now I’m in catch up mode. So, it’s happening right now.

Personal End of an Era

I wrote a letter last night. It was a painful letter to write. When I submit it to its recipients in a couple of weeks it will mean the end of an era in my life. An important era to me. If I don’t take the step away, bad behaviour by others will receive tacit approval by my staying. I wont have that.

I don’t wish to go into the details of what is going on. I will say that the letter will not be in isolation. Other steps are being taken to shed light on the bad behaviour. I’m at a point I’m no longer as vested in the outcome that I might have been before.

For various reasons my attention has turned to other things in my life. Things that have my interest. Things that tie in with what I want in my life. Things that are instrumental in moving me forward. One of those things is Steem.

Musings on the HFs

The last week has been rather eventful on the Steem blockchain. Two hardforks. The first, HF21, caused a few hours of downtime which had most who remember HF20 breathing a bit of a sigh of relief that it wasn’t worse.

Fourty-eight hours later HF22 was necessary to fix a problem that would have been difficult to discover in testnet. The moment of the hardfork on Thursday passed without a flicker. The chain went on and a bigger sigh of relief was felt.

Then mid-day on Sunday the chain came crashing down. The minutes slipped into hours and then days.

People were working on the problem, there were other things to do in life. I could choose to complain about the chain being down. Or I could choose to be grateful to those who gave of their time on a long weekend to get it back up again.

Musings on Post-HF

The structure of how the chain operates has flaws. What those flaws are vary depending on whose opinion you listen to. I’m no blockchain expert. I’m just here to do some writing, run some shows and hopefully support others who are trying to grow on the platform.

I get frustrated sometimes when it seems like things are not going to go well, especially for smaller users. Usually that is because of something where it’s clear the larger stakeholders are going to do just fine no matter the impact on the smaller ones.

Then I realize, that is life. It’s always going to be life. Those who have, will for the most part, take action to have more. There will also be those who have who will try to work to put a hand out to those behind them to give a hand up.

HF21 could have been worse. It could have returned to the super linear curve we had in the early days of the platform. That was a curve where only the larger stakeholders gained and the small accounts were dependent on upvotes from the larger accounts.

That is if the smaller accounts didn’t make themselves bigger by buying in.

The convergent curve is sort of a compromise between the two and does at some point give the small account a fighting chance.

Musings on the Small Accounts

Can the little guy still grow? The answer is yes, they can.

It may be slower than it was pre-HF21 but it can happen with consistent posting of decent content, commenting on others, get to know others and use proper posting etiquette.. You know like don’t steal other people’s content and try to make it your own, or toss up a photo and call it a day cause people should flock to your post.

There are people on here who behave badly. Some more than others. If you’re a small account, don’t try to deal with them by putting your account in jeopardy. Talk to others about what is going on, listen to their input.

Head down and build the right way.

Musings About Voting on the Curve

When we had a linear curve, if our vote was 2cents, then it was 2cents. The only thing changed that would be if the person’s post was downvoted, then they lost some of the value showing on the post depending on the size of the vote.

Now, if I leave a 2cent vote on a post it depends who comes behind me to vote if that continues to be 2cents or not. If I vote before some larger votes, my 2 cents could be worth more at payout.

Don’t get too attached to what you see on the screen. See what happens when the payout comes.

Last But Not Least — Musings About the Price of Steem

Yeah, we’d all love to see STEEM back up there like it was in the last bull run. Bitcoin is looking like it will move up, eventually. When it does, it will pull the alt coins like STEEM up too.

Here’s the thing. If you have the capital to invest, then increasing our trading volume will help the price. If you don’t have the capital, then you can contribute by either creating good content, curating it or both.

“But the price is so low, why bother?” Here’s something to think about.

You put a post up and at payout, it’s only worth a buck. A measly buck. Why bother eh. So let’s see, split that with the curators, you get 50 cents worth of Steem. So about 2.94 STEEM.

Well that sucks right? Let’s do some projecting.

Let’s say the price of STEEM jumps to $10. That’s better right? That would mean your post would jump to $29.40 for your share of the rewards. That’s better, right?

Is it? You still only have 2.94 STEEM. IF you keep posting and working at building your account at these low prices, you’ll start doing better on your posts as people get to know you and appreciate your work. You could earn say 200 STEEM before the price jumps to $10.

At the current prices, those 200 STEEM would have shown as $34 in rewards when earned. At $10 per STEEM those 200 STEEM would be worth $2,000.

So which would you rather have $34 worth now or $2,000 worth later? You can have both by continuing to work and build the right way.

Just saying — it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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Until Next Time — Just Steem on

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I am sorry that you have had to make some changes. Sounds like it was not an easy decision. As always I wish you the best in all you set your hand to accomplishing.

Yes, HF21/22 has been trying for most of us. I also want to thank @vanderberg and others that worked so hard to identify the bug in the code as well as the witnesses that make our blockchain possible. Like a kid having a tantrum, I get very angry over these things. For some reason I am more emotionally attached to STEEM than I ever was Facebook.

Thank you for your mature level-headed take on the whole HF21/22. That is what I have always admired about you. You have never been one to point fingers or lay blame.

The advice that you give to all of us about how to do well on the blogsites running on the chain is invaluable. It really is that easy. As you so wisely stated...

Just saying — it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


thanks Sarge and you are right it was not an easy decision. It was one I did a lot of wavering on until some information came to light and then there was very little choice in the matter. To be true to myself I had to make the decision.

What interesting musings, of course i dont know what your going through but I am sorry you have to go through that it doesnt sound like fun
I think I pretty much agree with your thoughts on Steemit.
and your right it is the case almost everywhere changes help those with a lot and have a negative impact on the smaller ones, and I think Steemit is for sure an ultra marathon and not a sprint and I ma here for the duration


thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts @tattoodjay ... interesting times are coming for sure
We're in this together


I said the same in a comment yesterday the next few weeks or months could be very interesting


Well look at you!! Jumping on the #thoughtfuldailypost train lol... thank you for supporting my movement, and for always being cool to me, even when I know you are busy. his is a wonderful post... certainly things to be thoughtful about... I will admit I am somewhat... concerned? ... about this letter you speak of, but can only hope the best... and if it's what you want... then power to you my friend. So again... thank you... for using my #tdp tag, for all you do on the Blockchain, and for keeping the true spirit of what things should be here, on our Blockchain...

It's all about community



i think your #thoughtfuldailypost is a great initiative .. gives people something to focus on than negativity. Life isn't all posies and daffodils but it sure isn't always cold and gray like some folks do. Balance in all things.

Yes to so much of this. First off, choosing to focus your time on what matters to you and things you find enjoyable and worthwhile is an excellent choice. I'm all for that. I'm also on the long-game as far as Steem is concerned, and even with recent changes the same wisdom applies—wisdom you've summed up nicely here. I haven't been posting as much as I once did, but I still think it's worth my time and energy. That, and I simply enjoy blogging here. The community is amazing. One of these weeks I'll make it back to PYPT. Until then, keep holding the fort. You're doing a great job!


thanks Katrina... it's kind of handy the focus is on more writing ... never know where I'll go with that

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Can't wait until tomorrow YAY

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