Hard Fork 23 Rising Sun - SOS! - Save Our Steem! 🆘

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This may very well be our last fork opportunity to save our blockchain before the Rising Sun!

If our current witnesses are concerned about the survival of our chain, I ask you to carefull consider the following proposal in it's entirety. Suspect we may not have much time so sorry if this appears hurried along because it indeed was.

Pull Request Submitted: https://github.com/anthonyadavisii/steem/pull/2 (Updated to repo under our control)

Resolved all conflicts. Added 0_23.hf file. It's ready for testing: https://github.com/anthonyadavisii/steem

Requesting some savvy Steem developers to review and help address any compatibility issues that may exist in @jnordberg's previous proposal. Read the following for rationale...

     This is a proactive proposal to prevent the Steemit Inc Stake to be leveraged to facilitate a hostile takeover with the express intent to collapse our chain to be assimilated into the Tron blockchain. The intent is implicitly stated in the following article. It doesn't seem ambiguous in it terms to be perfectly frank.

Capitalized for emphasis!

Together, TRON Foundation and Steemit Inc. will look to create further value for their users and to augment their advancements in decentralized technologies, including MOVING OLD STEEM TOKEN TO A NEW TRON BASED STEEM TOKEN, giveaways to the existing TRX users with the new TRON based STEEM token


    I see this as the last ditch effort that the current witnesses may employ to preserve our blockchain. Since previous forks, I am not sure if the coding as @jnordberg originally implemented will still achieve the same end. With that in mind, I ask for my fellow Steem developers to please review and adjust accordingly.

    I don't we want to wait for an AMA but rather we should act IMMEDIATELY! I understand some may have ethical concerns about this but urge you to consider the probable alternative we will face considering the text from Medium article. It is clear that the intention is to "dissolve" Steem

    At a minimum, perhaps we can somehow disable witness voting and freeze the stake to afford our active and valuable community time to consider fair alternatives but, make no mistake, I don't assume we would be treated with the same decency. I want to point out the contradiction that was rightly pointed out my Luke.


Call me rash if you will but I personaly don't think we should give them the opportunity to deprecate our chain for guarantees that may or may not be delivered. (SMTs come to mind.)

If we are going to act, believe time to act is now before the Rising Sun.

Pinging Top 20 wintesses: @yabapmatt, @someguy123, @themarkymark, @gtg, @blocktrades, @roelandp, @clayop, @aggroed, @steempeak, @lukestokes.mhth, @smooth-witness, @good-karma, @ausbitbank, @emrebeyler, @anyx, @ocd-witness, @cervantes, @thecryptodrive, @therealwolf, @curie

Also, pinging various community members for situational awareness (in no particular order): @acidyo, @inertia, @kyle, @whatsup, @anomadsoul, @theycallmedan, @azirzon, @transisto, @ranchorelaxo, @haejin, @nextgencrypto, @berniesanders, @ngc, @freedom, @pumpkin, @oracle-d, @starkers, @guiltyparties, @shadowspub, @meesterboom, @sweetsssj, @solominer, @coininstant, @exyle, @broncnutz, @pharesim, @pfunk, @arcange, @kevinwong, @trafalgar, @frystikken, @steemed, @taskmaster4450, @v4vapid, @tombstone, @dtube, @tufkat, @michaelb, @edicted, @steemflagrewards

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I believe you meant to ping @fyrstikken, not @frystikken. It would be nice to hear from @freedom, and @pumpkin as well as other significant stakeholders too.

It's clear to me you have valid concerns and are intent on preserving the value we have built into Steem today. I appreciate very much these motivations.


I would suggest a number of top witnesses have been a party to this takeover for quite a while, especially the ones against reducing the powerdown time....It's all cloak and dagger stuff but in my opinion, there will soon be no more Steem Blockchain. A lot of people are going to lose a lot but the top 1% will come out of the shit smelling of roses and in profit.
As for all the fawning on Justin Sun's post earlier, I nearly threw up.


I've worked in the trenches with many witness, sometimes through the night and into the next morning to secure this chain. To suggest they knew about this and are lying about not knowing about it is ridiculous, IMO. At this point, I'm not even sure how much of the Steemit, inc team knew about it.

I hope we speculate less and educate more. Our thinking has to be fact-based right now if we want a good outcome.


It’s crazy how many people will eat up any shit that gets put on their plate so you got a dude with a Cheque book and throws some cash out way and a bunch of empty promises and they fawn over it! Justin has done fuckall for the projects he acquired previously and will do fuckall for steem

I say fork out stinc stake and lets keep our chain and let Tron pitch is a value proposition that pulls users away by choice and not by force! Sack up put your money up and show us what you got or fuck off and leave us be


I was one of the first commenting on his shitpost on here last night and I was anything but fawning.

you tagged @klye wrong. And I believe he is a big proponent of forking to (Current title) Steem Classic with @cadawg's github repo of the current blockchain. (I may have said that wrong, I'm a newb)

@uwelang forgot ya bud. All please mention any others to help. This is not an exercise. This is the real deal. We can't let our blockchain be dissolved. Not today. Not ever

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I'm in it too

Save Our Steem

But what we all need to know is:

Different Steemians, Different Opinions

Opinions are like a$$holes$ and everyone got wan.

Let's bring the $8 $steem back y'all 💪



And by stage a coup I mean set up the witnesses that will be used to replace faithful steem witnesses and assume absolute control. @freedom's stake does not trump steem / steemit. We also have misterdelegation. This has bad news written all over it.


Pump is giving people a false sense of security. They very well may be buying time so they can stage the coup. If I were them, that is exactly what I would do as well. Think man


You could be right. We gave Trump a chance, why not Justin Son?

I am going to wait to hear him out. I delegate to too many good causes to pull up stakes and run-off.

Seems like an obvious back-up plan.

We'll all be regretting it when the blockchain goes offline (because we never forked or ran our own dedicated nodes), and the new one comes online.

Many people would offer to vote for this initiative (to test a fork and run a node) to be funded in the DAO, but I think nothing gets on that list without Steemit's approval. It would be awesome if some exchanges kept classic steem listed, and it could continue to hold competitive value when the majority of the community remains.

You pinged me wrong, bro! :)

But I still hear you! I am always just a DM away :)


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Over here some more compost & fertilizers for the neighbors greenhouse. };)

Heyyyyy! See you on the other side?


Sure. We'll see how the "new management" pans out. They know that the eyes are upon them so think it is in their best interest to continue the changes initiated by #newsteem but have since lost momentum.

I do hope they will consider restoring SFR to we can continue to serve as the arm of the community truly working together in the spirit of cooperation. Of course, it's foolish to operate in an ecosystem where this spirit is not present.

To the extent that it is, I will be there. See yall there! (On Esteem, is this HIVE already?)


esteem also moved!






Exactly who is creating a hardfork. Who will market it, code it, get it on exchanges, fund it, witness it, what will be it's purpose.

Frankly I can't see it happening


I hear ya. Not talking about a contentious fork tho. This would still be Steem.

This is only in place as a contingency for the witnesses if they suspect a hostile takeover is imminent. That would be something that Top 20 would judge.

As long as we don't see StInc voting witnesses, think we don't have anything to worry about otherwise I would be a bit nervous.


I have no problem with them using the stake they purchased to vote with.

It's a DPOS system and they bought the stake.

By your definition... What is Steem? A name? A group? Code? The Community?

Honestly I've only had engagement with a few of our witnesses... What exactly are we fighting for or against


Oh btw, I'm scoping our their GitHub and not seeing any mention of Steem. I also looked into their token protocol. It's uses Solidity just like Ethereum so I'm not really sure how that would work. Also, Steem is C++. Tron is Java. I doubt that porting everything we can do on Steem to a completely different language would turn out.

It's like recreating a wheel. To be honest, it's like we are getting ready to take a step backwards for a Steem Tron token when we should be moving forward with innovations (SMTs?) / cost reduction mechanisms for Steem. Is this really good for us?

Edit: They also have Python, PHP plugins but not seeing C++ anywhere. I don't think it's gonna be an easy port. This just doesn't make a lick of sense to me but what do I know.


they do not have a plan. Eli said yesterday the engineers had never met yet.


it's unlikely they will move steem to tron anytime soon. Will likely treat it as a sidechain, named Steem.


It was mostly the token swap thing. Seemed like a red flag. Maybe Justin just didn't think it through in terms of how connected we are to our chain.

If the majority stakeholders interest is in another chain, I am slightly concerned about a conflict of interest. It's just a lot to process rn. Not sure what to think @whatsup


I have doubts wether anyone or group is technically, politically, and/or financially capable of creating and supporting a new Steem coin that becomes a serious contender.

Forks can be very lucrative and a substantial amount of total market cap comes from community supported forks; Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, etc., etc..

If it could be done, it should have or would have already been done.


I tend to agree. I think they either greatly under estimate what it will take, or greatly over estimate the support they have.

Mostly I think it is an angry response.

I will reconsider when I see even a plan, instead of just yelling