What Helped Me Start on Steem, 6 Months in

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Hello Steemians! My first post on Steem was almost 6 months ago, and wow time sure does fly! I saw this contest from one of the great projects that helped me get started on Steemit, so I thought I'd revisit my post and thank everyone who helped me.


My first ever post

Hey! Have Ya Met...?

Let's start with @heyhaveyamet. The lovely Scott & Ren behind this account leave many new Steemians helpful and welcoming comments, which is really a great way to get people enthusiastic about being a part of the community. First, Ren left a comment from @xcountytravelers about how I would enjoy the platform because of lots of niches that share my interests, and pointed me in the direction of a few. They then included me in the December 24th, 2018 edition of Hey! Have Ya Met... I felt so included and welcomed, being a part of their post. It also brought me an influx of commenters welcoming me on my introduceyourself post. This project is great, because it reminds people to go outside of just their feed to welcome some of the new Steemians, which motivates them to stick around. I think to get users who stay, making sure they feel welcomed and understand the platform is key.

Steem Blockchain News

@reseller featured me as New Steemian of The Day on December 23, 2018, in a video on dTube. This made me feel very welcomed and honored, as well as exposing me to dApps other than Steemit. This is how I first found a dApp on the Steem blockchain, where I saw that blockchain really is the future. We can take any platform, and it can be improved by putting it on blockchain and decentralizing it. YouTube content creators getting demonetized? dTube. Streamers getting fed up with twitch taking a large cut? Vimm. Patreon and GoFundMe fees? Fundition.

Pointing me towards dApps

@chekohler took note of my interest in Pokemon Go and Minecraft, and concluded I like gaming. Well, you were right! You were the first one to recommend me @steemmonsters, and after a few other recommendations, I decided to try it out. I sure am glad, because I love playing Steem Monsters! You also pointed out that @actifit is similar to Sweatcoin, which I mentioned in my introduction as well. Though I always forget to keep actifit open or post before midnight, I think it's a great project and you also helped me realize that there is or can be a dApp for everything!

Final thoughts...

I had received a warm welcome to Steem, and I think that I should let some of my biggest helps know. I am thankful for everyone who has supported me, whether that be through welcoming me, which many more did that I didn't mention, reading my posts, upvoting, following, or helping me learn via Steem and Discord. Thank you all for the warm welcome, and I will try to give back to those who are new:)


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Awesome! So glad you decided to give steem that old college try and stick it out! Wishing you another epic 6 months, so you can have your 1 year steemversary!

Thanks for the shout out much appreciated and glad I could help point you in the direction of something you now enjoy

Lol I also used to have that issue with actifit then I purchased a Fitbit for 60 SBD and I’m hoping to make that back in posts and tokens

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Thank you so much!! I was inactive for some of the time, but still playing games on the blockchain for most of it.

Oh! I have a Fitbit I got recently but I haven't figured out how to link it to actifit haha, I clicked link Fitbit in app but nothing seems to happen

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Lol well then I'm glad you found your way back to the blogging part of the chain, always fun to see what others are getting up to and theres always something new going on.

Same thing happened to me when I got the fitbit, so i asked in their discord and It turns out I had to delete the app, download it again, install it, connect my account, sync it with the fitbit app on my phone and it worked. I know I know its painful but hey the things we do for free internet money right?

You've come far in such a short time and it's lovely to hear that the welcoming suggestions and tips helped you. Have a great day and here's to the next six months being even more fun and successful for you!

Great to hear that help at the start is great for journeys here in the steemisfere,
Best off Luck and blog to you soon
Thanks for the shoutout.

Good to hear you had help and still like it. As I joined I did not had nor found help so I left.
The only reason I gave it a try again is because of my slow internet connection. I was no longer able to log in at the sites I liked most.
As I came back I found help thanks to freewriting.

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Nice post keep up the good work !

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Thanks Hatim!! Its nice to have you on Steem, I'm sure you'll be very successful as long as you stay consistent!

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Thank you so much for your entry!!!! We love having wonderful people like you connected to us!


It is indeed so nice, to have others helping and supporting you. There are so many references to oceans, fishes, Steemit'verses... you get my drift ;) In the end, it is about helping each other, community, positive engagement, and of course...hopefully... in the end perhaps getting some monetization. Sure appreciate the shout out to the @heyhaveyamet... we try to help as many as we can at the @steemterminal... I wish you the best of luck, and most important... keep on enjoying yourself!


Congratulations on surviving on Steem this long and not giving up :)
When you've been this long around, it's easy to get back even if you would have a short pause at any point.