HiBTC the most safely,eficiency and transparent trading platform.

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Nowadays the technology and the popularity of digital currency growing so fast in society triggered the large number of new trading platform appears to offer any trade services. As a new person, we'll just confuse tentin to choose some nice platform according to our needs.
Well here I will introduce one of the trading platform which is nice in my opinion.
I will introduce one of trading platform which is safely and easy to use.

What is hiBTC?
HiBTC Is one of the trading platform that is able to provide you the comfort of transaction currencies. Your funds safe if Transact using hiBTC.

HiBTCusing the new design concept and leading technology, HiBTC will provide a safe, efficient and convenient digital asset trading platform for all participants. In HiBTC, regardless of the size of the transaction, each participant can effectively achieve the investment objectives without worrying about personal privacy protection or the security of digital assets. In addition, the professional financial unit will provide investors with rich risk hedging instruments and investment target choices.

Second, HiBTC is committed to creating a completely transparent, fair and shared investment environment. HiBTC Token (HIBT) is the only token issued by the HiBTC platform, not only as a digital asset, but also representing all rights and interests of the HiBTC platform.

HiBTC promises to regularly allocate the platform revenues to all HIBT holders; at the same time, the “transaction + token holding” mining model (“proof of mining hours + proof of equity” mechanism) is adopted, and 50% of the HIBT issued is rewarded to users through transaction processing fee mining.

Not only that, HiBTC will also introduce a “Dividend Bonus Program”. Users can voluntarily join the program with part or all of the HIBT it holds, which will enjoy different proportions of dividend bonus in addition to the basic dividends.
In summary, when a user makes any transaction on the platform, in addition to obtaining the target assets, it can also obtain [mining generated HIBT + basic dividends + dividend bonus].
All of the above mining and dividend data will be made public in real time and are truly transparent and accessible.
Except the equity attribute, the asset attribute of HIBT is also important. The stability of HIBT price has a direct effect on the users’ enthusiasm for participating in the transactions on the HiBTC platform. In order to guarantee a sustainable and robust development of HiBTC, we will make the “Holder Shared Fund Account” public to all users right after the platform is put into use. The HIBTs unlocked in the account will be 100% locked in the fund account until the mining is finished and won’t flow into the secondary market.
The dividends these HIBTs enjoys will be first used to pay for the dividend bonus generated in the Dividend Bonus Program; and the rest will be used to buy back the HIBTs in the secondary market, which will be locked in the fund account, too. When the mining is finished, all assets in the Holder Shared Fund Account, including HIBTs and dividends, will completely belong to all the HIBT holders, and the specific disposal plan will be made public in time after the mining is finished.

Finally, HiBTC hopes to break the barriers to information asymmetry between shareholders and management, and between companies and users under the traditional “firm” model, and to build a co-governed and shared organizational structure so that each HIBT holder has the right to participate in making the platform business decisions. HiBTC introduces the world’s first exchange “1+1” currency listing dual-channel mode, which abandons the traditional fee-based currency listing mode and opens the HIBT holder recommendation channel.

Some of HitBTC features

It was so easy to creat an account at HiBTC
Just folllow a simple step below

Click on https://www.hibtc.com
and then click on sign up and follow for the next step

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