The Cockroach


It seems that the virgin with rage, @hightouch has struck back in a way that literally means fucking nothing. Why would anyone care at this point about being banned from @drugwars? There is literally nothing to gain from playing it. Too bad I already withdrew all my future tokens before the sweaty ape tried to "punish" me.

Stay in your place you filthy incel.

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Funny but we dont have any ban system?


Sure Jan. Nothing you say is credible after lying to people about @drugwars. You represented something that would payout Steem (and in a very profitable way too) but when you saw the big money... you just couldnt resist and you took it for yourself to have. You've shown yourself to be a person with no self-control who goes rabid at the sight of a quick buck. Even though you could have made more money in the long run by being an honest person. Now your actual name is out there, and people already know what you are all about. Anybody who praises you or @drugwars is only doing so because either its an employee, a sockpuppet account, they haven't learned the truth yet, or they are trying to shill for whatever they can get after being fucked over by you. You said it yourself, @drugwars isn't on the blockchain anymore, its not a Steem app anymore. Now you have full control to choose who can and can't use @drugwars without scrutiny, without audit, and with total plausible deniability. You set this whole thing up in a way where you have total control, no responsibility, and no accountability. You used that to your pathetic advantage and it's honestly really sad.


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