Greetings from the Appalachian Trail

4년 전

I'm headed northbound on a thru-hike near mile 820 and it occurred to me I should share a post with Steemit. Next stop Waynesboro, VA.

This photo was taken today near Cole Mountain.


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Great Photos ! Thank's for that, enjoy it. I hope to see more of them !

the mountain is great!and great place

  ·  4년 전

I apreciate all the beauty around you. But..
Bandana, badass beard and black glasses.. Don't tell me... you have a sick bike to ride!?? Wruum-wruuum..

The trail looks absolutely beautiful
Great Photographs.
Steem on!

Thanks for remembering about us Steemians. =P

Man, great landsape. Guess it's awesome, your going completly alone? Think i have to check out your blog ;)

e/ Oh i see youre here for over 11 months, nice to see you posting again

@cdubendo: Nice nature my friend, Keep hiking ;)

Dayumn, I'm jealous. Have a great trip!

Enjoy mate...And keep STEEMiT ING... :P

wow, nice photos guy!! i followed you and hope for more post of you! Enjoy;)

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Awesome photos! How I wish I could travel! Thanks cdubendo!

your best friend is an idol, the more successful you are😊

a tiring journey, do not you bring a friend ??

Great read and nice pictures! Keep the good work up. #upvoted.