Jaguar Paw Mu's Daily - Freestyle Rap Flow

3년 전

Ladies & Gents..

The latest Unrehearsed Daily Freestyle Rap Flow from Jaguar Paw Mu (JPM)

#daily #freestyle #rap #flow #poetic #electric #cat #glow #yall #liked the #slow #vibes #so I brought it back like Dr. Who? #doctor #suess with a #boomerang
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Have a beautiful day fellow SteemStars.

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Dope, I fukcs with the fact that you’re coming off the top (pause). 💪🏼


Thanks man, Imma keep at it and see what happens. Silver grill front came in last tonight, so my dailys are about to level up. =]


Aye congrats you were looking forward to that quite some time right?


Yessir! Featuring in todays daily for sure

Man you slay heavy like Puff Daddy, got the edibles goin' I call that perks of Cali, now your grills arrived hope they not too heavy, cause then you can't fly no more like a wingless fairy.

floating on this beat man!!!!! Dopeness!!!!!!!


Haha, happy you appreciate it thanks