TYGS x DJ Lethal Skillz - Official Guest Judge Announcement

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We're happy to announce our latest collaboration with @musicoin Ambassador and Steemit savant @djlethalskillz who will be our first guest celebrity judge for The Beat Meet, the first in a relaunch of our infamous Hip Hop Battle Series.

In 2012 DJ Lethal Skillz was a part of the TYGS Battle Series team and partners with The Crib Show who together with @vandigital were responsible for the final success of the platform in Malaysia.

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@djlethalskillz will offer his services as a Guest Judge for The Beat Meet's Top 16 selection and at our Live finale Top 4 Battle. We would like to thank DJ Lethal Skillz for his continued support of TYGS and we look forward to having his experience and expertise in our return. It only makes sense.

As a member of @sndbox's first cohort, DJ Lethal Skillz has been instrumental in helping us grow here on Steemit. We've got an amazing journey ahead and excited to supported by amazing community members. Let's do it!

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Visit his website for more news from DJ Lethal Skillz

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Looking super forward to this great community initiative! Kudos @tygs

This post has been voted on from MSP3K courtesy of @djlethalskillz from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

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