Historical photos you've never seen

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Of the two bullets that have been melted in one, in the rain of shells that fall on Japan are some rare historical photos that behind them also hide the pain and memories of thousands of people.

These two bullets were found after the Battle of Gallipoli, which began in 1915 and ended in 1916 during World War I. Allied forces comprised of British, French, and Australia fought against Turkish forces. The battle ended with the withdrawal of Allied forces, which lost 46,000 people while the Turkish forces 65,000.

Between 1946 and 1958, the US tested 23 hydrogen bombs, donating a spectacle in the Pacific Ocean.

The nuclear test was codenamed Trinity, but the first atomic bomb received the nickname "The Gadget."

Rainbow over Kobe. The Kobe bombing in Japan during World War II, March 16-17, was a strategic part of the US war against the Asian state.

On August 9, 1945, the US dropped the automobile bomb in Nagasaki, in this picture are the picture from above before and after the explosion.

When alcohol production was banned in the US, a picture after the discovery of a workshop. Authorities are pouring out all the alcohol.

Gas bombs were one of the most fearsome weapons the enemy could use, and almost everybody in the World War II had his own mask. This is a picture of a kindergarten in London.

Almost 700 thousand people attended the Buckeberg celebrations in 1934.

A pyramid with a trunk where the American flag is placed on top of it. Photo fired during the celebrations of US Independence Day on 4 July 1920.

Murder during television broadcasting. The event took place on October 12, 1960 in Japan, where 17-year-old Otoya Yamaguchi, killed Inejiro Asanuma as a supporter of the Socialist Party. A few weeks later the 17-year-old was reported to be selfish.

This postcard was believed to have been made in Italy for the sale of unwanted children, but in fact it was designed and used as a humorous postcard in France.

Rainey Bethea's hangover on August 14, 1936, was the last public execution in the US.

The first image photographed after the discovery of Machu Picchu.

Gandhi's letter to Hitler asking him to consider the fact of the consequences of his actions to mankind.

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