The Battle of Svolde - I

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The beginning

Drafted from Heimskringla

Olaf trygvason had an uneasy childhood to adulthood transition, his father had been a regional king ruling the area called Viken in modern day Norway and was killed by his rival. This was the beginning of Olaf trygvason life or eventful life so to say. So from ship wreck, slavery to fighting for Germany Olaf suffered in another man’s land, he was tested and he did triumph.
credit- Arturas slapsys
AD 995, Olaf was crowned king of Norway upon his returned to his father land, another episode of his life kicked off. The battle of Svolde, the defeat of Olaf was settle when Olaf trygvason began a systematic conversion of the Norwegians away from their old gods to the fold of “white Christ”.
Olaf had always had to contend with the kings of Denmark and Sweden but real trouble began brewing when he sought the hand of queen Sigrid the haught, window of a swedish monarch. Olaf proposed and insisted that Sigrid be converted. When she refused, Olaf struck her, little did our king know that one does not mess with a woman that powerful. Sigrid married the king of Denmark, Sweyen Forkhead and as expected, the manipulation and persuasion started. Sigrid might have thought its payback time.
Her aim- To remove Olaf trygvason from the Norse throne
King Olaf went on to marry Thyre, this would be where he meets the inevitable. Thyre was already married to a wendish ruler so during the late summer of AD 1000 Olaf organized a fleet of ship to Wendland to acquire Thyre dowry. The end of our dear king was near!!

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