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Hello Steemit,

I’ve been writing on here for over a year now. It’s been unreal, writing for three contests almost every week. Well, I’ve got hooked on SteemNova and I’m currently building a space empire. Long story short I’m getting burned out.

No fear!

I’ve already started the Lords of Hemp: Steemit Blog series and I still plan to write in one contest a week.

However, at this time I’d like to present a new series, The Ashland Heritage Committee meeting notes!

These meeting notes start in January of 2011 when my Father lived, they continue until today’s meeting. I’d picked up writing meeting notes with the Inlandia Institute in Riverside, California, with Marion-Mitchell Wilson (also deceased).

So just like with The Lords of Hemp, I plan to start at the beginning, and work my way into present day. This will allow me to continue posting three times a week while giving me a little break in the creative process.

Thanks for your understanding . . .

Here’s the notes from that first meeting.

Meeting: Ashland Heritage Committee - Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, 4:30 to 6:00 pm
Swedenburg House
990 Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland, Oregon, 97520
Agenda: General Meeting

Board Members Present:
President: Terry Skibby Treasurer: Bill Emerson Secretary: Cyrus Emerson
Member: Ruby Whalley

4:45 pm Meeting Called to Order by Terry Skibby, President

Treasurer’s Report
• Current Savings Balance - Bill: $
• Membership: Dues paid by Ruby Whalley $ cash, Kay Atwood $ check,
Cyrus Emerson $ cash (after meeting)
• Receipts - Bill: Mix up on stamp payment in balance sheet.
• Other

Old Business
• IRS research – Ruby: Brief discussion about tax write offs for membership dues and donations to non-profit organizations.
• Web site update: Membership page – Cyrus: Cyrus said he will resend PDF of membership form and write a paragraph for the website’s new membership page. Bill said that he will send in his files for the membership form as well. Terry said that he will take the information and create a new membership page on the Ashland Heritage Committee website.
• Other old business

New Business
• Membership e-mail list – Cyrus: Cyrus said that he had mistakenly sent out a group invitation from his Hotmail account when he had tried to create a group e-mail to all committee members for his own use. The e-mail sent to members was an invitation to join an e-mail group list; not a social networking site.
Action Item – Skibby/B. Emerson (M/S/C/U) Motion made by Terry Skibby to close the e-mail group. The motion carried unanimously.

• Meeting dates for next 12 months:

March 16th
May 18th
July 20th
September 21st
November 16th
January 18th

Action Item – Whalley/B. Emerson (M/S/C/U) Motion made by Ruby Whalley to change meeting times from 4:30 – 6:00 pm to 4:00 – 5:30 pm. The motion carried unanimously.

• Next meeting date: March 16th from 4:00 – 5:30 pm at the Swedenburg House
• Railroad rail incident – Bill: Bill informed the committee that a rail had been dismantled near Mountain Street endangering train cars that have been stationary near the tampered track for years. The dismantling of the track looked to have been done manually. The Ashland Police Department has been notified. The track has not been fixed to date.
• Other

Meeting Adjourned: 5:15 pm
Minutes prepared by Cyrus Emerson
Respectfully Submitted
Terry Skibby, President

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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Thanks for the support. Much needed on an independent project.

A blast from the past. Ha ha

I'm a history buff, even more than a writer hobbyist and science explorer. The best material is stuff like this, original notes, records. Right now I'm listening (on my iPad) to Bradford's History of the Plymouth Plantation to put me to sleep every night.
Good luck with this.


Thanks @agmoore2. As an Emerson we are supposed to be connected to that area. Although my information has not been verified.

My Dad wrote The Applegate Trail of 1846. Another Amazon book project for me to tackle. It deals with the incorporation of Southern Oregon into the United States. When I can offer a free ebook in the future I'll let you know.

Many thanks. Good to know a fellow history buff.

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