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Meeting: Ashland Heritage Committee - Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Swedenburg House
990 Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland, Oregon, 97520
Agenda: General Meeting

Members Present:
President: Terry Skibby Vice President: Ruby Whalley Treasurer: Bill Emerson Secretary: Cyrus Emerson

4:05 pm Meeting Called to Order by Terry Skibby, President
Action Item – B. Emerson/Whalley (M/S/C/U) Motion made by Bill Emerson to approve minutes from May 18, 2011 meeting. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
• Current Savings Balance: $, no change.
• Membership
• Receipts
• Other

Old Business
• Constitution/By-Laws Revision: Bill talked about fixing the format on page one and on page four section eight he changed the second sentence after the comma from “provided the expenditure is approved by the Board.”, to “provided the Board approves the expenditures”. Board approved the 7/19/2011 revision.
• Bank Account, Second Signature, Debit Card – Progress Update: Terry presented findings from an internet search on Wells Fargo, for a small business savings account with checks and a debit card, a $500 balance, or $100 transfer once a month, will waive a $6 fee. Cyrus ruled out Bank of America because they do not offer a savings account with checks and a debit card. Ruby still needs to contact Rogue Federal. Bill talked to the people at US Bank who offered a .01 percent interest rate, with no monthly fees, no balance minimum, business online banking, access from two signees, free checking after the purchase of checks, and a debit card.
Cyrus discussed the higher interest rate potential from Wells Fargo, while Terry and Ruby agreed US Bank would work since Bill’s personal bank accounts are there.
• Ruby’s Letter – Lithia Springs Property: All Board members reviewed a copy of Ruby’s letter with Bill’s revisions in color ink. Bill also shared a map outlining the property, Terry suggested using Google Earth. Bill talked about adding the preservation of a bridge. Terry said that Al had already removed the bridge from the property. Terry suggested that the Ashland Heritage Committee steer clear of the lead poisoning issue at this stage because it’s too political, and not a good way to begin dialogue; instead, the letter should focus on the historical preservation of the physical pump houses. Bill thought that all paying members of the Ashland Heritage Committee should be asked to sign the letter. Terry thought that asking everyone to sign the letter complicated things, suggesting instead that Ruby sign the letter as Vice President on behalf of the Ashland Heritage Committee. Ruby said that she will fix some typos and send to all Board members for final approval with Terry giving a final Emailed: “Confirmation of Approval”. Ruby will then send the letter to the Mayor, City Council, Ashland Daily Tidings, and Historical Commission.
Action Item – C. Emerson/B. Emerson (M/S/C/U) Motion made by Cyrus Emerson to approve Ruby’s Lithia Spring Letter upon final affirmation via Email. The motion carried unanimously.

New Business
• Plan for Annual Meeting: Same Board members and officers, count paying members, update bank account, usual meeting agenda with mailers ready for August post date.
• Discussion – Butler-Perozzi Fountain: Bill said this item started with an Email from Cyrus about this issue, and after the reply from Brent Thompson to all committee members, Bill decided to write a formal letter that he passed around to the Board and then read. One point of interest brought to the attention of the Board concerned a land deed that could change ownership of the fountain if the City of Ashland does not maintain it. Bill said that Sharon and Bud Marler could give more details. All agreed that this is a high profile topic, Bill said he will send this as a personal letter, and will determine at a later date if a formal one on behalf of the Ashland Heritage Committee should be drafted as well.
• Other New Business.

• Next Meeting Date: Annual Meeting, September 21, 2011 at 4 pm same location.
• Other

Meeting Adjourned: 5:36 pm
Minutes prepared by Cyrus Emerson
Respectfully Submitted
Terry Skibby, President

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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