The belief in "Too big to fail" and "Too big to jail" is actively paving the road to hell.

3년 전

Those who believe in
the concept of
"Too big to fail" or those
who believe some are
"Too big to jail" are
actively paving the road
to hell.

  • Deva Winblood
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Hmmm... i would actually say "making hell on earth".

But, too big to fail and too big to jail are just excuses to tell the public.

If you are working security for some corporation do you "arrest" the CEO?
Do you jail someone for following company policy?

Of course not, unless its a PR move.

Its all owned by a small group of people (the countries, the corporations, the FED)
T.H.E.Y. own the police and the FED.
Why would their govern-cement fail their scheme?
Why would their police jail their people?

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