ancient agriculture..??

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I do a lot of google earth investigation. just for fun and sometimes for serious stuff.
All of the sand quarries I go to to find agate and other gems, I found from above...

But I found also something else, in the middle of Africa... something weird and off...!!
Watch with me as I go over some pictures from Africa from above and I will try to explain what I think about these pictures... but I would also like to ask you to look and explain for yourself what you see...!!

landbouw 1.jpg

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

1 (3).jpg

1 (4).jpg

So...? What do you see...??
do you want my opinion...?
I see a lot of agriculture lots. a lot of them and I mean... A LOT..!!
But there is nobody there, they are almost all forgotten, left behind in the past.

How old are these fields, where is everybody, what the F. did happen in this part of the world( the space all these fields combined is bigger than western Europe)
Completely covert with vacant lots of farmland, probably there is no water so that is an explanation but it is not satisfying, how many people do you need to get all these fields cultivated...?

1 (5).jpg

1 (6).jpg

1 (7).jpg

1 (9).jpg

there are so much vacant lot's there and it is probably not visible from the ground.
I found them all in this area of Africa


There is something off..... very off, in my humble opinion...
I calculated a little and I have come to the conclusion that there must be over fields of farmland, but there is no way enough people there to do take care for these fields... they are mostly empty fields, no villages around, No one there...!! Strange...

1 (10).jpg

1 (11).jpg




I would love to get an explanation... I did go to the Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands with this but I found no answers there.
There is no study on the matter. Some students were interested but I never heard from them again...!
And I'm still dying for answers...




landbouw 2.jpg

Africa is BIG... very BIG and there is so much archeology and ancient past still to be discovered over there...


landbouw 2.png

landbouw 3.png


And ofcourse i found more over there.... terrases and ancient stone circels.

terrassen 2.png


but that is for another post...
please, if you have more information about these ancient or not so ancient farmfields, please leave a comment.

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Very cool! I also love looking over maps, old paper and
new digital, very interesting how much the world was
populated everywhere so long ago!

Those stone circle cattle kraals are mostly I would
say, clocks/calendars. Sun and moon, seasons and
cycles kept track of for ages.

We moved the clock from the ground to the wall.
I've also seen in south america, might of been
Bolivia, where the same stone circles were used
to harvest grains, seeds separation, wheat from chaff.


Thank you @elohibaluk! I've seen a few of his, very
interesting indeed!