This is the Greatest and Terrible Warship of the Nazis, Can Only Be Defeated After Beaten from the Sea and Air

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As the largest warship in the world in its time, the presence of German Nazi battleship, Bismarck, into the battlefield instantly caused a stir among the Allies, especially the British.
Actually the emergence of Bismarck is already predictable because the giant warship built since 1936 is estimated to be completed about 3 years later.
Bismarck was precisely launched on 24 August 1940, at a time when World War II was raging with great-greatness and Nazi Germany sediri many victories in the European battlefield.
Britain's newly rebuilt Nazi troops in the Greek territory immediately prepared his fleet massively to locate and block Bismarck
All British fleets based in the Scapa Flow are deployed with the target of Bismarck as soon as possible.
Bismarck was escorted by a warship that is also his elder brother, Prinz Eugen.
The Atlantic Ocean was soon filled with small size British warships like HMS Hood, Prince of Wales, Norfolk, Suffolk, Birmingham, Manchester, King George V, and the carrier Victorious.
After a tedious search for three days the position of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen was found by the British fleet.
Fierce sea battles flared up. British warships that managed to intercept Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, among others, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hood, and Prince of Wales.
But because that can match Bismarck and Prinz Eugen only Hood and Prince of Wales, both Suffolk and Norfolk just watch.
The shooting between the four giant ships that were fighting was fierce.
But as the British warship lost strongly and unfortunately again misguided strategy, Hood bombarded by gunfire from Bismarck and Prinz Eugen burst into flames, broke in two, then sank with thousands of sailors.

Prince of Wales and two other warships chose to retreat from the battle, while Bismarck and Prinz Eugen went on their way.
Bismarck itself suffered only minor damage and Prinz Eugen without any damage.
But even minor damage to Bismarck is vital because the fuel tank is leaking and leaving a trail of long strands over the Atlantic.
The trail was quickly discovered by British reconnaissance planes and a revenge plan to destroy Bismarck was redesigned.
Attempts to rediscover Bismarck turned out to be quite easy, torpedo bombers were soon launched from the Ark Royal aircraft carrier.
But of the 15 torpedoes that were dropped only one was successful on the target.
In contrast the Bismarck air-deflected cannon successfully exemplifies a bomber.
However, a successful torpedo on Bismarck turned out to damage the steering of the ship so that the direction of Bismarck's movement became uncontrollable and only circled.
Seeing the condition of his enemy is getting weaker and can not sail along the line, British warships and bomber planes immediately came to gang up Bismarck.

After dozens of torpedoes and bombs were released by British warships and planes until stock runs out, Bismarck eventually succeeded in sinking into the ocean.
However, when the investigation after World War II was over, the Bismarck engines that had been bombarded with thousands of tons of bombs and sinks were still good.

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