Today in History: "Frozen" hits theaters

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A film that would end up racing past all the legendary animated films ever made to the top of the charts as highest grossing animated film of all time, Frozen truly captivated the youth (and a great many adults as well) as this film went on to pull in nearly $1.3 Billion at the box office.

The Year was 2013


The premiere took place a little more than a week earlier at the famous El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Most Hollywood premieres take place elsewhere but since Disney owns this particular theater, almost all of their films have their opening events here.

covering the entire corner with "snow" was an interesting touch

Many people presume that the animation is completely computer-driven and for the most part they would be correct. However, Disney, perhaps adhering at least a little bit to tradition,occasionally makes films that have a "hybrid" of hand-drawn combined with computer animation. I can't determine where this happens but there is no denying that Frozen is a visual masterpiece.


The film went on to become a global phenomenon with the song "Let it go" being on the minds of kids all over the planet regardless of the language they happen to speak where they are. I know that I would routinely hear little kids in Thailand singing the song despite the fact that if you were to ask them anything in English they would have no idea what you are saying to them. Such is the power of a well-written and catchy tune.

The newly released Frozen 2 is getting some bad press for various things such as having a kind of meh story and also not having the musical brilliance that the first one did. I think this was always going to happen, they said the same thing about the later Toy Story films and both of those went on to make over a billion per movie anyway. So I would imagine that Disney isn't going to dwell on the bad press too much.

The kids certainly aren't going to have a chat with their parents saying... "well Richard Roeper said it wasn't very good so mom and dad, i think we should sit this one out."

One of the biggest criticisms of the 2nd installment is that the musical numbers are not very good and to nail that point home and to senselessly get a song stuck in your head that you don't necessarily want there, here is Let it go from Frozen 1 complete with karaoke!

From the Disney UK official channel

Frozen would end up getting surpassed (bigly) by The Lion King film in 2019 but it is important to point out that these figures don't adjust for inflation, although I think TLK would likely still be on top of this list even if it were.

Even though i am not in 3rd grade I am going to run down to the local shopping mall today and see Frozen 2 but in the afternoon when all the kiddies are at school. These movies, like most visual spectaculars, are better seen on the big screen and since afternoon showings are $2 or so, why not?

This film had a massive push as far as advertising and promotion is concerned and several lists have estimated the overall promotional budget to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 to $350 million, globally. Wow.

It all began today on Frozen's climb to the top, a mere 6 years ago.

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Автору спасибо за хороший пост, you cross

We will most like watch Frozen this weekend. Will let you know what we think. 😍

Amazing animation ✅
Beautiful landscapes ✅
But most imprortantly...
Elsa is riding an ice horse

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I remember seeing it for the first time and while I thought it was good, I really think that Tangled was much better. I have had this conversation with my older nieces and we kind of agree that the character development in Tangled was much better. I actually cared about the characters in that one. I almost feel like there were too many characters in Frozen and that was one of the big downfalls of it. My wife and I used to do a "parents shopping night" around the holidays where we basically just baby sat all night so the parents could go Christmas shopping (or sit at the bar). I ran karaoke those nights and Let It Go is one of the songs I had to play over and over and over. All that being said, I am kind of looking forward to seeing Frozen 2. The trailer looks pretty sweet.

A shed load for the advertising budget as only Disney knows how to empty the parents pockets. I have never watched it even though I probably have seen a large chunk as a guy in the office used to bring his daughter in and she watched it every time. maybe I should have given her something else as he was obviously too lazy to down load anything. I think they are smart as not only do they do the film but also add another land to their theme parks. When they took over the rights for Harry Potter they went to town on their Harry Potter world and it was impressive.