Today in history: John Gotti sentenced

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You may not know much about the dude, but you have almost certainly heard the name. John Gotti was one of the most infamous members of organized crime in the United States.


Gotti isn't just an unbelievably bad John Travolta film, he was a real-life villain of the highest level that even though it seemed everyone knew (including law-enforcement) that he was definitely guilty of many many crimes, nothing would ever stick to him in court. He earned the nickname "Teflon John" because of this.

Gotti was taken to trial many times in the 80's but he always walked away not guilty, it would later be revealed that most of the time this was because of witness intimidation or bribery. Whatever it was, it worked until someone in his inner circle agreed to testify against him in exchange for a reduced prison sentence.

he would always leave the courtroom in the 80's with a "whaddayagonnado? type attitude

He was the leader of the Gambino crime family, and operation that still exists today although in much lower capacity (or higher and out of the public eye, i don't know.) He became the head of the Gambinos by way of murdering the previous Don Paul Castellano in 1985. He managed to stay out of jail for many years and it seemed as though there was nothing the FBI and local officials could do about it. He was above the law and knew very well how to manipulate the system.

However, on 23-June 1992 his luck ran out and he was sentenced on multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder as well as other things. Crucial to this verdict was the testimony of Sammy Gravano, who was actually a co-conspirator in the murder of former mob boss Paul Castellano.

This landed Gotti multiple back-to-back life sentences without the possibility of parole. Upon reading the verdict, hundreds of his supporters rushed the courthouse, destroying cars and government property until the police finally regained control.

John Gotti died in prison 10 years later in 2002.

like many mob bosses of the past, Gotti enjoyed a very favorable opinion in the minds and hearts of the working-class people of the communities he was involved in*

But in all seriousness, the Gotti movie with John Travolta redefines bad cinema, and you should at least watch some of the clips to see that I am not lying about that. If you enjoy bad cinema, it might actually be worth seeing the whole thing. After 8 years and tons of rewrites, it is evident that they had no idea how to finish this turd.

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Man, I just watched a documentary on him once. They were bringing his grandson to visit him in prison and it was heartbreaking to listen to him talk to this little boy. Calling him names, berating him and saying he’s beat the kid until he couldn’t walk if he could. I’ve been on a big documentary bender over the last six months and I’ve seen a lot of assholes, but that footage was disgusting.

Legend... For all the wrong reasons though

It is good to receive reminders about certain events and people. Mob bosses are certainly interesting characters.

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I saw the movie. I liked it. Teflon Don he let everything bounce off him.