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During my sabbatical, I've delved into reading some books relating to Australian history.
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My current read is, Buckley's Chance, which covers the life of William Buckley, as well as, many historical events.

Steemit, being the repository of many interesting posts, have already covered the term, "Buckley's Chance", which may relate to the "luck" that William Buckley experienced during his lifetime. I recommend doing a search to find further reading.

The 1800's Australia, that Buckley lived in, was full of historical characters who pushed the colonisation, exploration & exploitation of Australia.


Buckley, a convict, lived amongst the Aborigines for 30+ years after escaping from the colony.


"Liberty with danger is to be preferred to slavery with security"

With our technological, and social, advancements, even today, many of us are asking the very same questions.

Melbourne would not have existed without the "can do" attitude of John Batman.

Mind Blown

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The book covers so many snippets of history, that I get lost researching, in depth, a sentence that opens up a whole topic to read about.

One part, that I read today, was that, Buckley, was still an escaped convict, even after 30 years. Batman pushed for a pardon to be issued.

In the submission for the pardon, it was stated that Buckley was to be used to negotiate with the Aborigines to expedite the use of the land. But, it was also emplasised, that if they didn't provide his freedom, that he could become a fierce enemy, who could lead the Aborigines against the colonists.

In light of this fear, they provided a pardon, to avoid such a conflict with the natives.

We all have our lot in life

We cling to our day to day lives as though it will be forever.
Lift is carefree, or live it safe, the end is inevitable.

All the people in the book, from good to bad, and many of them were shades of grey, are obviously all dead.

Always keep wriggling to the grave.

No matter the character - the most effective individuals are the ones that keep wriggling.
Moving everyday in their endeavours and rolling with the punches.

Find a passion. Find support. Tussle with adversaries. Keep wriggling.

Just some thoughts, about a book ... upon this page.

Keep well.


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